This alleged Boris Johnson lightsaber dance clip has Twitter in stitches

Molly Young January 14, 2022
This alleged Boris Johnson lightsaber dance clip has Twitter in stitches

A video alleged to show Boris Johnson or a lookalike dancing with a lightsaber to Lionel Richie’s All Night Long has gone viral on Twitter. Viewers can’t get enough of the trending clip, which Business Insider political reporter Henry Dyer claims shows the UK prime minister strutting his stuff at a City Hall Christmas party.

The footage has Twitter split – some are convinced the figure in the footage is a lookalike, while others have convinced themselves it really is the PM. At the time of writing (14 January 2022), there has been no confirmation from anyone about the validity of the clip, including the politician or his representatives.

Watch the lightsaber dance clip that has Twitter in stitches as we unpick the details. Why would a Star Wars Jedi weapon come into the equation anyway?

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The Godfather | 50th Anniversary Trailer

Watch alleged Boris Johnson lightsaber dance clip

On 13 January 2022, Instagram user @glenn_kitson shared a clip that was then posted by @stimmo on Twitter. The video shows a blond-haired man dancing to pop song All Night Long by Lionel Richie alongside a woman grooving to the music while wielding a lightsaber.

Henry Dyer, a political reporter for Business Insider, shared the video under his handle – @Direthoughts – with the caption: “You’ve seen Michael Gove dancing – here’s Boris Johnson dancing at a City Hall Christmas party with who I think is the then chair of the London Assembly, who is wielding a lightsaber.”

Dyer claims if the video does feature Boris Johnson, it would have to have been filmed between 2013 and 2015 at a City Hall Christmas party. This was well before the covid-19 outbreak and resulting regulations by the way.

The chair of the London Assembly at that time was Jennette Arnold but there has been no confirmation from any source that the video features Johnson or Arnold.

How come there was a Star Wars weapon at the party?

Beneath his Twitter upload, which has more than 800k views on that specific video alone, @Direthoughts pointed to the then mayor of London’s gift register, which lists he was given a lightsaber by “Industrial Light and Magic manager Lynwen Brennan on behalf of Lucas Films” on 3 June 2013.

Dyer also claims it is traditional for London’s mayor, a role Johnson held from 2008 to 2016, to dance with the chair of the London Assembly at the annual Christmas party.

Johnson told Reuters in 2019 he identifies with “the guy with the lightsaber” from the Star Wars films and revealed the gift was manufactured in his Uxbridge constituency, South Ruislip.

Johnson revealed he kept the Jedi weapon, which he received from the man who played Count Dooku in the Star Wars franchise, in his Westminster office. He said: “I have a lightsaber in my office in Westminster – it is a most beautiful thing (and) was presented to me by no less a figure than Christopher Lee.”

In the same Twitter thread, @Direthoughts shared a photograph of the occasion:

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Meet the journalist who popularised the viral video

Journalist and researcher Henry Dyer hails from London but now lives in York, as per

He joined Business Insider as a politics reporter in 2021 and mainly covers political financing, appointments and data-driven investigations from Westminster.

Over on Twitter, @Direthoughts has more than 12k followers on the platform. His bio states his direct messages are open to receiving ”tips or gossip”.

Dyer attended the University of York, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature. He later achieved a Master of Arts degree in film and literature.

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