All about Ron White's bizarre ayahuasca experience, as shared on JRE

Yasmine Leung November 17, 2021
All about Ron White’s bizarre ayahuasca experience, as shared on JRE

Ron White appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), recounting his ayahuasca experience, but what actually is it and where was the retreat?

Comedian Ron White appeared on JRE and one story in particular caught the attention of listeners: his ayahuasca experience.

His experience sounds similar to Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers – but thankfully not as ominous as the show.

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What is ayahuasca?

It is a psychoactive brew, a drink that alters a person’s mental state by affecting the way the brain works. It can change one’s mood, behaviour, awareness, thoughts and feelings.

The brew is typically made of psychotria viridis, a hallucinogenic plant originating from South American rainforest.

Ayahuasca ceremonies take place at night led by an experienced practitioner or shaman. Participants are offered doses of ayahuasca, which send them on a hallucinogenic trip.

Side effects include diarrhoea, vomiting, feelings of euphoria and mind-altering psychedelic effects.

What happened to Ron during his ayahuasca experience?

White took part in the experience with 49 other people at a luxurious retreat in Costa Rica.

He described his brew as “mud, awful-tasting stuff”. Ron said the trip initially felt like taking magic mushrooms until he opened his mouth and “the entire forest poured into it”. It certainly sounds as though ayahuasca was stronger than any drug he’s taken before.

White then experienced diarrhoea, while people’s faces became distorted and he forgot how to use his hands to the extent he couldn’t even scratch his own head.

Despite these horrors, he underwent the experience again the next night – but with a lower dose.

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Why did White go on the retreat?

White said he wanted to try ayahuasca in a bid to control his alcohol intake. The comedian is known for drinking scotch and smoking cigars during his stand-up act.

In 2014, he said: “People say I’m an alcoholic and that’s not true. I only drink when I work. I’m a workaholic.”

Whether he’s joking about alcoholism or not, in the podcast White revealed the getaway required 14 days of sobriety.

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