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Where is Avalon Village? Garage sale 'Karen' puts town on the map

Bruno Cooke May 11, 2022
Where is Avalon Village? Garage sale 'Karen' puts town on the map


A recent post in the r/F***YouKaren subreddit featuring a garage sale organised by a Homeowners Association (HOA) “Karen” has put the residency of Avalon Village on the map – where is it exactly?

Note: The man pictured above is NOT the HOA “Karen” who organised the Avalon Village garage sale. It is a stock photo. Please don’t go after him.

Where is Avalon Village? Garage sale puts Sartell on the map

Users commenting on the Reddit post in question (on which more below) have identified one possible location.

Members of the forum have been discussing a Mix949 article from a week ago (2 May 2022). The article advertises a “giant Sartell neighbourhood garage sale” taking place from 4 May to 7 May in Sartell’s Avalon Village Neighbourhood.

With more than 25 houses planning on “peddling wares”, the annual garage sale in Sartell looks like a promising match.

However, that garage sale has already taken place; the one from the Reddit post is due to take place on 28 and 29 May.

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A yard sale sign with a box of sale items at a residential home. Signs and stuff lightbox

Could it be from a different year?

The Facebook post shared to Reddit yesterday could be from a year other than 2022.

The “HOA Karen” – as dubbed by the OP – requiring her fellow Avalon Village residences to host a garage sale joined Facebook in 2017. And the garage sale itself is supposed to be happening – or supposed to have happened – on 28 and 29 May.

In 2021, 28 and 29 May were a Friday and Saturday; in 2020 they fell on Thursday and Friday; the year before that, they were a Tuesday and a Wednesday; in 2018, they were a Monday and a Tuesday; and in 2017 they were a Sunday and a Monday.

28 and 29 May this year will be a Saturday/Sunday.

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Horizontal composition with a woman looking for vintage books at the flea market.

So, if the Facebook post is from 2022, the Avalon Village in question is probably not the one in Sartell, Minnesota. 

There are at least two other Avalon Villages in the US. They’re in Carson, California, and Phoenix, Arizona.

How have people reacted to the ‘HOA Karen’ and her Avalon Village garage sale?

“Attention Avalon Village residents!” the unnamed user starts their Facebook listing. Note: “Karen” is the name the OP has used to refer to the Avalon Village HOA representative; it is probably not their real name.

One of the rules of the r/F***YouKaren Reddit community is that social media identities of “Karens” must be censored.

“You will be required to have a garage sale,” the listing continues. “10% of ALL proceeds will go to the HOA. You will be required to use Stripe for payments so I can monitor profit. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR STRIPE FEES!”

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LEGO Brawls | Announcement Trailer

LEGO Brawls | Announcement Trailer

Community members have reacted derisively towards the Avalon village HOA representative’s stipulations. Others are genuinely curious.

“Does a HOA even have the power to require you to pay them for garage sales? Or make you have one? Or make you use a third party in order to pay them?”

And the reply: “If we’re being technical here, if such a clause is included in the original contract that you signed, then yes, they almost certainly could force you to do this. The much more likely scenario is that this lady’s Facebook post has absolutely no legal teeth whatsoever.”

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