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Are Wordle words the same for everyone? Tips on getting started

Yasmine Leung January 18, 2022
Internet Word Game Wordle Goes Viral
Photo Illustration by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Online game Wordle is taking over social media as players try to identify the correct answer, but are the words the same for everyone? Here are some words to optimise your chance of winning.

Another game has gone viral and this time it’s Wordle.

You know, the game that has trended every day for the last few weeks and is responsible for the influx of tweets featuring green squares.

Every day, Google gets faced with the statement, “words starting – or ending – with” a letter, as players try to decipher the answer.

One question that fans are asking is whether everyone receives the same daily word since they’re having difficulties.

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Are Wordle words the same for everyone?

Yes, the word of the day is the same for every player, so really you have don’t have an excuse if you get them wrong.

Technically, it means you can easily log onto Twitter and find the answer although most players abide by the unspoken “no spoiler” rule.

It’s a pretty genius idea to make the Wordle word the same for everyone firstly because it’s easier to programme – rather than generating new answers – and also because it’s the discussion among players that really gives it appeal.

Social media users love to engage in debate over a common topic, so Wordle is a perfect way of uniting global players.

That’s probably why Among Us went viral during 2020 since users could socialise and discuss the game.

Struggling? Try these popular starting words

We’re not judging if you still haven’t reached your first win yet.

Here are the top words that victorious players have started with; the trick is to begin with words containing vowels.

  1. STEAK
  2. SENOR
  3. RESIN
  4. ADIEU
  5. ABOUT
  6. TARES
  7. EIGHT
  8. TRAIL
  9. NOTES
  10. OUIJA

The final word occasionally only includes one vowel – we used “ouija” today (18 January) and only the first letter was helpful. Honestly, whoever managed to get today’s answer on the initial attempt is a genius.

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