Are Tim and Moby dating? Twitter reacts to BrainPop couple

Amber Peake September 18, 2021
Are Tim and Moby dating? Twitter reacts to BrainPop couple


The names of fictional characters Tim and Moby may be familiar to many as they often appear alongside each other as part of the BrainPop educational videos. This week the pair seem to have been trending as Twitter users have rediscovered them, with some fans now curious to know if Tim and Moby are dating.

Who are Tim and Moby?

Tim and Moby are both fictional characters that feature as part of the learning platform BrainPop and are known for their “Dear Tim & Moby” videos where they answer questions on a range of different topics.

BrainPop is a learning resource, which was founded in 1999, and sees Tim and Moby appear in educational videos on topics, including English, maths and science, as well as technology and the arts.

Tim and Moby are two of many characters featured within the BrainPop videos. Other popular well-known BrainPop characters include Ben, Annie and Nat.

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Why do fans think they are dating?

Over the years, Tim and Moby have become known for their friendship within the BrainPop videos as they discuss different educational topics. While some fans have admired their friendship, other’s seem to have shipped Tim and Moby together as a couple.

More recently, the characters were linked in an article published by The North-Western Flipside titled “Tim and Moby of BrainPOP Officially Come Out As Gay.”

The article seems to be fake as it claims the pair’s relationship was confirmed via a joint press release, however, there has been no official statement by BrainPop regarding the characters relationship.

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Twitter rediscovers the BrainPop characters

As fans have rediscovered the BrainPop videos and characters, some have taken to Twitter as they react to the Tim and Moby dating rumours:

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