Andrew Dawson’s ‘giant spotting’ video sends TikTok down dark theory rabbit hole

Danny Munro January 10, 2023
Andrew Dawson’s ‘giant spotting’ video sends TikTok down dark theory rabbit hole
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A supposed spotting of a giant on a mountain top has sparked conspiracy theorists to question if TikTok user Andrew Dawson is alive or dead.

A TikTok clip originally posted in 2022 has resurfaced online, and the internet is awash with theories about what the strange footage actually shows.

The video, that was originally uploaded by TikTok user Andrew Dawson, appears to show a large figure on top of a snowy mountain.

The clip has been viewed several million times across TIkTok and Twitter, with some viewers claiming to have just witnessed a ‘giant’ on camera, while others aren’t so sure.

The giant conspiracy has been enabled further by the fact that Dawson has not posted on TikTok for several months, prompting users to question his whereabouts.

Mountain top ‘giant spotting’ video goes viral online

First uploaded on April 10, 2022, the 30-second clip shows the person behind the camera filming a snowy mountain setting from the passenger seat of a car, while attempting to zoom in on the hills.

“It’s a person, dude!” Dawson can be heard exclaiming, while the other person in the car can be heard denying the claim.

Dawson proceeds to ask the driver to pull over to the side so he can investigate further, though the driver denies his request and continues to drive past the mountain range.

At the time of writing, the clip has been viewed over 8 million times on TikTok, with a further 7.5 million Twitter users viewing the clip after it was re-uploaded by a viral news account on January 9.

Debunked: The Andrew Dawson TikTok giant spotting theory

Dawson proceeded to post several videos surrounding the giant spotting incident, including various unproved theories – some of which suggested that the CIA and the US Military had been involved.

On May 7 2022 though, Dawson uploaded a video captioned ‘Official Update’ that appeared to finally dispell the claims of a mountain top giant spotting.

Appearing rather sheepishly, with his hands in his pockets, Dawson addressed his viewers, stating: “Sorry to disappoint you guys, but all the videos that I posted were scripted, they were just fake.”

“They were strictly for entertainment. I’m sorry to disappoint you guys.”

Despite this apparent confirmation, the resurafced clip has not been posted alongside this explanation, so many people who are viewing the video for the first time this week are unaware of Dawson’s comments.

Reddit provides explanation to mountain top giant video

Clearly puzzled by what they had seen, one Reddit user – u/reddittothegrave, took to subreddit OutOfTheLoop to ask fellow viewers what they thought of the clip.

While some redditors joked that the clip really did show a mysterious giant figure, a sensible user was on hand to provide a pretty solid explanation for what was really going on in the clip.

User u/highrisedrifter wrote: “Answer: This is Canoe Mountain in British Columbia. The ‘giant’ in the video is actually a tower”.

“That’s it. There’s nothing more to it than that. It’s not a giant.”

They proceeded to attach a Google Earth link that showed the top of the aforementioned mountain scene, as well as the tower they suggested was the real cause of the viral panic.

Andrew Dawson alive or dead TikTok rumors continue

While Dawson did appear to confirm he had made the videos up, he did go on to post a further two TikToks that made matters a little bit more confusing.

Ten days after his update video, Dawson uploaded a new video caption ‘I’m scared’, a brief clip in which he claims that his viewers “might not see (him) post ever again”, before quickly claiming that the giant videos were not actually fake.

Dawson then went on to upload another video of the mountain, this time claiming it was the military who sat atop of the peak.

Dawson has not posted since that video, which was uploaded on May 18, 2022, prompting some users to theorize about where he is – though there have been no official updates and there appears to be no proof to substantiate any claims being made about Dawson online.

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