Who is Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich, from 60 Minutes Overtime's USS Nimitz encounter story?

Jane Corscadden May 17, 2021
Who is Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich, from 60 Minutes Overtime's USS Nimitz encounter story?

Who is Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich? After her interview on 60 Minutes Overtime yesterday about her 2004 UFO encounter, also known as the Nimitz Encounter, many are interested in finding out more about the US Navy pilot.

So, what do we know about her? What’s she doing now? Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich?

Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich is a pilot from the Black Aces of Lemoore, California. She served in the Iraqi War and the war in Afghanistan and logged over 1,250 hours and 375 carrier arrested landings during these missions.

She has also served as an aide-de-camp to the Chief Of Naval Personnel and executive assistant to the Director Navy Irregular Warfare in Washington DC.

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Dietrich is an alumna of the Illinois Math & Science Academy. As well as this, she completed a degree in Civil Engineering at George Washington University in 2001. She also earned an MBA from the GW School Of Business in 2014.

Nowadays, Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich is a professor in Leadership Theory And Application at the United States Naval Academy in Maryland.

What was the USS Nimitz encounter?

But Alex Dietrich may be best known for her involvement in the USS Nimitz encounter in 2004.

This was a UFO incident off the coast of Southern California in November of that year, which was documented by radar, camera, and four naval operators. Lieutenant Alex Dietrich was one of the naval operators who witnessed the incident and hadn’t spoken publicly about it until last night’s episode of 60 Minutes.

But what happened? Well, the UUS Nimitz was training about 100 miles southwest of San Diego. At the time, the radar on a nearby ship, the USS Princeton, had detected strange aerial vehicles over the horizon. These vehicles were caught descending 80,000 feet in under a second.

The four naval operators on Nimitz were sent to encounter and came across something strange themselves. They found a stormy spot in an otherwise blue, calm sea. But what they next found, a little white Tic Tac shaped object that appeared to be copying their moves before suddenly disappearing, blew their minds.

Speaking about the encounter, Alex Dietrich said: “I think that over beers, we’ve sort of said, “Hey man, if I saw this solo, I don’t know that I would have come back and said anything,” because it sounds so crazy when I say it.”

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