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Is Akbar V's Instagram gone after rapper's latest feud with Alexis Skyy?

Yasmine Leung January 6, 2022
Is Akbar V's Instagram gone after rapper's latest feud with Alexis Skyy?

Rapper Akbar V is making headlines after clips of her and Alexis Skyy at Saucy Santana’s album release party went viral. Now, fans are searching for her Instagram, which reportedly is leading them to a dead end. So what’s going on?

Alexis Skyy and rapper Akbar V’s feud has become trending news after they were spotted at Saucy Santana’s party on Wednesday, 5 January 2022.

Since the event, the 32-year-old musician has been active on Twitter and Clubhouse, but what about Instagram?

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What did Akbar V and Alexis Skyy say about their meeting?

Rumours spread online claiming there had been a physical altercation between the pair but Skyy cleared the air, with The Shade Room reporting it was a misunderstanding involving a security team.

Akbar V, born Valerie Raven, took to Clubhouse to briefly discuss the subject saying: “Everybody wanna look at me like I’m the bully. I’m not the bully and I’m not the victim either. We were at Santana’s release party and I really didn’t wanna talk about this on the internet. She know what happened and I do too.”

Where is Akbar V’s Instagram?

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed her profile is no longer accessible. Did she delete it? It’s unconfirmed what happened to it, but Akbar V did mention her usual Instagram on 3 January.

It looks like the account was gone that day but it appears that wasn’t her choice as she tweeted the platform asking why they “keep taking” it.

It’s unclear whether the rapper retrieved her profile since that tweet, but it undoubtedly doesn’t exist at the time we write this article.

If you want Akbar V’s content on your feed, she has encouraged supporters to follow her private account bigmamahouse_

The Focus has reached out to Akbar V and we are waiting for a response as to what happened to her Instagram as well as Skyy regarding the situation. We will update this article if we receive a response. In the meantime, there is no indication why the account is gone. 

Let’s hope it’s back soon!

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