Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker, started wrestling in 1987 but stopped suddenly in May this year. Is The Undertaker dead? Has he retired? We attempt to explain the rumours.

Who is The Undertaker?

Mark William Calaway, born in Austin, Texas, in 1965 is a retired professional wrestler. He is a seven-time world heavyweight champion and famously won 21 straight victories, known as The Streak.

Undertaker and Kane during Wrestle Mania XX at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

The Undertaker is just one of his many aliases – but more on those below. WWF rebranded him as The Undertaker around 1990, three years into his wrestling career.

Is The Undertaker dead?

No. Despite the hoaxes and rumours, The Undertaker isn’t dead. He is 55 years old, donates regularly to Republican electoral candidates (including Donald Trump), and has worn clothes stating his opposition to the US national anthem protests.

Why do people think The Undertaker is dead? He has a history of faking his own death or having other people fake it for him. Once or twice, other people have faked it without even telling him.

In 2014, The Independent reported a story on Empire Sports that went viral on social media. The original story, entitled WWE Legend The Undertaker Found Dead In Texas Home, lamented the death of The Undertaker. 

“Mark ‘The Undertaker’ Calaway was found in his Houston home dead late last night by his wife Michelle McCool,” the story ran. But that’s not the only reason the rumour mill has been turning.

In 2019, rapper King Crucial posted The Undertaker had died on 6 February of that year. This also wasn’t true and fans were quick to debunk the myth.

King Krucial’s Twitter account has since been suspended

The Undertaker death rumours debunked

With a name like The Undertaker, it’s only natural people latch on to rumours he’s dead. True enough, Mark Calaway said in May 2020 he came close to dying while in the ring.

Goldberg subjected him to a jackhammer and The Undertaker almost landed on his neck. The incident led to his retirement from professional wrestling.

This, in turn, led a lot of fans to believe he was actually dead. WWE laid some more groundwork for the rumour with a Twitter post stating:

Fertile ground for death rumours. As a result, the tributes poured in. These gave credibility to the rumour, which made more people believe it, and so on.

The Undertaker, aka ‘Mean’ Mark Callous, champion of adult content

Before joining WWF, The Undertaker had a brief stint as ‘Mean’ Mark Callous. From 1990, he became a prominent figure in the ‘Attitude Era’ – a WWF programming period that involved adult material such as sexual content, violence and profanity. 

During this time The Undertaker worked alongside wrestling stars ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, The Rock, Kane and Triple H. 

Among The Undertaker’s alter egos, or “gimmicks”, were the names Commando, Master Of Pain, Punisher Dice Morgan and Texas Red Jack.

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