Does Drew McIntyre have covid? The WWE champion has released a video in which he addresses his positive covid test.

Drew McIntyre has released a video statement via the offical WWE YouTube page in which he reveals he has tested positive for covid-19.

In the video, McIntyre tells his fans, “As I’m sure you’ve heard already, I tested postive for covid-19.”

The WWE star went on to say add: “I’m one of the lucky ones with no symptoms but I assure you, covid should not be taken lightly. Don’t think you can’t catch it because you can.”

McIntyre urges fans to stick together through this crisis. “The only way to stop this thing is by working together, so please wear your mask and follow social distancing guidelines”

He wraps off the video by telling his fans to “stay safe” and that he’ll see them soon.

While McIntyre is currently in quarantine, he has confirmed he will still face his rival, Goldberg, on the Royal Rumble on January 31.

In fact, McIntyre recently commented that he believes wrestling could become “even bigger” after the pandemic.

McIntyre elaborated that, without a crowd, the fans can hear what the wrestlers are saying to each other and that “even if you don’t have a promo, you know your character, you know yourself, you can truly develop a character with multiple layers.”

He says that because of this, fans are “going to know [wrestlers] on a deeper level, you’re going to be more over for it, and I think the industry is going to be bigger for it.”

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