Who is Yung Blasian? Meet NLE's ex as NBA Youngboy drops track

Yasmine Leung January 20, 2022
Who is Yung Blasian? Meet NLE's ex as NBA Youngboy drops track
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NBA Youngboy just dropped diss track Know Like I Know, rumoured to target rappers including NLE Choppa, and, as they both used to date Yung Blasian, let’s find out more about her career and dating history.

NBA Youngboy has been dropping hits since his third album – Sincerely, Kentrell – debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. He released several singles in the lead up to his mixtape with Birdman, From The Bayou, and he’s already back on the grind with his Colors mixtape.

Initially due to drop on Friday, 14 January, it has been delayed until Friday, 21 January. Thankfully, Youngboy teased a few tracks instead.

But obviously that wasn’t enough! The rapper has gifted fans two more songs, one being a diss track reportedly aimed at several artists, including NLE Choppa, Lil Durk and Fredo Bang.

Fans are taking particular interest in Choppa’s ex girlfriend, Yung Blasian, since she previously dated Youngboy too.

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Youngboy seems to diss Choppa

Genius claims the entire first verse is directed at Choppa. It reads: “I bet your momma would be destroyed, when we send your stupid a*** to God for makin’ statements, choosin’ sides about my beef with them lil boys, I can say I saw it, you can say I was your favourite…”

It’s likely the Louisiana rapper talks about Choppa’s mother as she is his manager, while his “I was your favourite” comment refers to how Choppa is his supporter – he even released the song Free Youngboy in 2019.

After the release of Know Like I Know, eagle-eyed fans spotted the Memphis rapper changed the title of Free Youngboy to a more explicit version. It has since been reverted but screenshots of the subtle move are all over Twitter.

Meet Yung Blasian

Yung Blasian was born 15 September 1998, so she is 23 years old. A Bay Area native, she is reportedly of Chinese descent and attended UCLA.

Blasian now works as a social media influencer, YouTuber and entrepreneur. Her clothing boutique, The Blasian Collection, is still yet to drop, although she teases her pieces quite often.

CelebSuburb claims she owns lash brand Winks By Blasian but it seems the business may no longer exist as its Instagram page is inaccessible and the influencer doesn’t promote it any more.

Her YouTube channel, The Real Blasiann currently has 62.7k subscribers, while her beauty and lifestyle content mostly includes hauls, “story times” and reviews.

Blasian’s first known relationship was with Youngboy, although the reason for their split is unknown.

In June 2020, Republic World reported Blasian had confirmed her relationship with Choppa via a now-deleted Instagram post. Their couple photos are no longer on her profile but you can check out a fan TikTok page that includes some of their moments.

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