Why was MF DOOM banned from the US? Fans react to Inauguration Day playlist

Jane Corscadden January 19, 2021
Why was MF DOOM banned from the US? Fans react to Inauguration Day playlist

Why was MF DOOM banned from the US? Before his untimely passing in October 2020, the rapper was banned from re-entering the US despite living in the country most of his life. This controversy has been revived as MF Doom’s music is reportedly set to feature on President Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day playlist.

Who was MF DOOM?

Daniel Dumile, better known by his stage name MF DOOM, was a British-American rapper and record producer.

Following his death, Variety described him as one of the rap scene’s “most celebrated, unpredictable, and enigmatic figures.”

Dumile was born in London, but moved to Long Island, New York at a young age.

MF DOOM’s career started as a member of KMD (Kausing Much Damage), a hip-hop group formed by Dumile and his brother, Dingilizwe Dumile, better known by his stage name DJ Subroc.

In 1993, DJ Subroc died after being hit by a car while attempting to cross the Long Island Expressway.

His death had a huge impact on his brother, who disappeared from the scene for four years before re-emerging as MF DOOM.

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Dumile’s new persona, MF DOOM, meant he was rarely seen without his trademark metal mask that resembled Marvel’s supervillain Dr Doom.

Why was MF DOOM banned from the US?

In 2010, MF DOOM was refused re-entry into the US after completing a European tour. This was because, although he had lived in the country for most of his life, he was never a naturalised citizen.

Before this, he had never left the US. He believed he would be able to gain re-entry to the US following his tour due to his long-term residency and family connections.

However, this didn’t happen. Sadly, being denied re-entry forced Dumile apart from his wife and children. For two years, the only time he was able to see his family was through video calls and their short visits to the UK.

In 2012, Dumile was reunited with his wife and children when they moved to London. In the same year, he said he was “done with the United States.”

Fan reaction to rapper’s inclusion on Inauguration Day playlist

MF DOOM’s banning from the US has resurfaced recently after reports that the late rapper’s music features on President Joe Biden’s Inauguration playlist.

In 2010 when Dumile was refused re-entry to the US, Joe Biden was Vice-President, which adds another layer of frustration for fans.

Here are some fan reactions:

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