Why is David Brody leaving Z100 and the Elvis Duran Morning Show?

Bruno Cooke August 19, 2022
Why is David Brody leaving Z100 and the Elvis Duran Morning Show?
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As promised, David Brody hopped on the mic during this morning’s Elvis Duran Show broadcast to explain that he is – and why he is – leaving the Morning Show and Z100.

Fans reported being “teary eyed” listening to him reminisce about his 24 years with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

He was a Z100 stalwart and will certainly be missed. Elvis Duran & The Morning Show’s Instagram account shared a leaving photo on Friday, August 19, 2022, featuring Brody and the rest of the team.

Several of the comments are from people whom David Brody apparently hired. “You’re the best” is a running sentiment.

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David Brody confirms he is leaving Z100 and the Elvis Duran Show

If you didn’t catch Brody on Duran’s show this morning, you can listen back to a version of it in the form of The 15 Minute Morning Show podcast. Find it here.

People have been discussing David Brody’s reasons for leaving the show in a Reddit forum on the topic.

During the broadcast, Brody addressed his departure directly, as well as rumors that have been circulating around it. 

He also addressed some of the hubbub surrounding his previously rumored (and now confirmed) departure via Twitter yesterday, ahead of today’s show. 

Why is he going?

David’s decision to leave Elvis’ show was a personal one, he said during Friday’s broadcast.

He has chosen, after a quarter of a century on Z100’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, to focus on family, and things besides radio.

His daughter recently returned home after living in Europe; his wife apparently received a hefty promotion. A series of things happened in succession, it seems, the result of which was that he had a change of perspective.

“He wants to prioritize his family and work on other goals,” one Reddit user summarises. “He also talk[ed] a lot about how his experience with childhood cancer for seven years and COVID shaped his mindset.”

How have fans reacted to his departure?

David Brody actually left Z100’s Elvis Duran show a few days ago, but felt it necessary to tweet yesterday that he was thankful for the “support and concern,” indicating people had been reaching out to him to check that he was OK during his radio silence.

A forum opened in the Elvis Duran Show subreddit last Friday under the question: “Where is Brody?”

Since his confirmation that he is leaving the world of live radio – at least for now – his fans have come out in droves to express their appreciation for the radio veteran.

Untold: The Race of the Century | Official Trailer | Netflix

Untold: The Race of the Century | Official Trailer | Netflix

“Wishing the best for him,” writes one, on Reddit. “Choosing to leave a ‘stable’ job to focus on family and other pursuits is a huge thing that not many people have to guts to do.”

“Putting things into perspective can happen overtime or overnight,” chimes another. “We wanted to hear from him personally, and we have.” And yet another, who says they’ve been listening to the show since 1997, wishes him “best of luck” in his next move, and suggests that it was Brody’s choice “not to have a fanfare” as he left.

Will David Brody still be on the Brooklyn Boys podcast after leaving the Elvis Duran Show?

Yes. Brody said he’d still stick with the Brooklyn Boys podcast – a consolation to fans contending with David leaving Z100.

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His various Internet profiles – on Instagram, Twitter and more entertainment-focused and professional sites like Cameo and All Access – still list him as an executive producer and comedy writer for Elvis Duran & The Morning Show.

However, that may change in the next few days, as things catch up with themselves. In the meantime, stay up to date with his online movements via his All My Links webpage here; or continue to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. 

“Honestly,” writes one Reddit user and fan, “if you listen to Brooklyn Boys, Brody had very little life away from the station it seemed. He gave a ton of himself to radio. I’m glad [the podcast] will continue but I hope he’s happy.”

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