Why is CM Punk banned from Riot Fest? Wrestler's feud with punk rock festival explained

Joshua Rogers May 20, 2021
Why is CM Punk banned from Riot Fest? Wrestler's feud with punk rock festival explained
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Why is CM Punk banned from Riot Fest? The former WWE wrestler has been banned from the festival for several years and people want to know why. Here’s the CM Punk and Riot Fest beef explained.

Although a well-known professional wrestler and MMA fighter, CM Punk is also a big fan of punk rock music.

It’s well documented how close he is to punk rock band Rancid, especially lead singer Lars Frederiksen.

Despite this love, Punk has been at odds with Riot Fest – a Chicago-based punk rock festival – for a number of years, culminating in him being banned from the festival.

Why is CM Punk banned from Riot Fest? Let’s dive a little deeper.

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Riot Fest’s ‘Allowed List’

Riot Fest takes place this year from 17-21 September at Chicago’s Douglass Park, featuring bands such as Nine Inch Nails and The Smashing Pumpkins.

On the FAQ section of Riot Fest’s website they have a list of things that are and aren’t allowed into the festival.

Although mostly informational, some of the items on both lists are tongue in cheek (John Stamos is featured as ‘YES’ on the ‘Allowed In’ list).

On the ‘NO’ list of the allowed section, however, is pineapple on a pizza, Hula Hoops and, of course, CM Punk.

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Why is CM Punk banned from Riot Fest?

Punk actually appeared at the Chicago music festival in 2015.

He was seen with the band Living Colour, who perform his WWE entrance music.

Riot Fest obviously didn’t seem to mind him being there, though, posting a photo of Punk on stage with Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen.

But apparently, from that moment on, CM Punk has been banned from Riot Fest.

It’s still unknown as to why he’s been banned from Riot Fest, but the long-running joke seems to crop up every year.

It most likely happened as a publicity stunt originally, with both parties keeping it up for years and years.

The official Riot Fest Twitter account even acknowledged the ongoing ban on 19 May 2021.

CM Punk has previously attempted to ‘sneak in’ to Riot Fest

The ban hasn’t exactly deterred CM Punk over the years.

In 2018, Punk attempted to sneak into Riot Fest by sending a DM to a friend of his asking to get him in.

Unfortunately for Punk, he ‘accidentally’ tweeted his request publicly.

Riot Fest responded asking people not to sneak CM Punk in, which he later apologised for.

Only time will tell if he manages to sneak in this year.

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