Why is Chrissy Teigen always in a towel? Pregnant model's favourite outfit explained

Bruno Cooke September 22, 2020
Why is Chrissy Teigen always in a towel? Pregnant model's favourite outfit explained
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Why is Chrissy Teigen always in a towel? The model is pregnant with her third child and, between that and lock-down life, she’s spending a lot of time wearing her favourite outfit – the humble, yet chic, towel. Knotted at the front for effect.

You may know Chrissy Teigen for her cookbooks, or as a judge on the comedy competition series Bring The Funny (NBC), or for her voice acting on the Simpsons episode “The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson”. But more likely you know her for always wearing a towel, and then tweeting about it. 

Chrissy Teigen loves towels

And why shouldn’t she? Towels are very comfortable, and practical. They come in all (well, a couple of) shapes and sizes. Moreover, they come in different styles. It seems to be this latter variable that most titillates Teigen. 


Elastic and snaps. Who knew?

Towels love Chrissy Teigen (and so does the internet)

Of Thai and Norwegian descent, American model Chrissy Teigen has made quite a splash since her modelling debut for Billabong in her mid teens. 

Since then, her career has developed multifariously – and swimmingly – seeing her flaunt it as a model, chef, cookbook author, Twitter queen, TV personality, and (according to the internet) “one of the funniest and most honest celeb moms out there”.

She is even called Terry because of her love of towels

Teigen, or “Terry”, as her friends call her, is “always in a terrycloth towel. If I’m not out, I’m in a towel. I can’t do robes,” Terry/Teigen says. The mutual love felt between towels and Teigen is such that she is known by the name of a style of towel. Can the same be said of anyone else?

Videos of Teigen in a towel are a dime a dozen on her Instagram. Scroll and you’ll find them.

The best of Teigen’s towels

The writers over at Coveteur have conveniently curated a list – or museum – of Teigen’s towel-clad snaps and videos, for your amusement. 

They include Teigen in a towel on a chair, Teigen in a towel on a chair with an easy bake oven, Teigen in a towel covering herself in milk, and Teigen in a towel on set with Carson Daly, Terry Crews and Ken Marino

If that doesn’t make you want to lounge in a towel more, nothing will.

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