Why did Shock G wear the nose? Humpty Dance fake nose look explained

Amber Peake April 23, 2021

Why did Shock G wear the nose? Gregory Jacobs, the Digital Underground co-founder who performed as Shock G and Humpty Hump, has died aged 57. As fans look back on his life, some have wondered why the musician wore a fake nose as part of his Humpty Hump character.

The Humpty Hump fake nose look explained

Rapper Shock G donned the Groucho Marx-style nose and thick rimmed glasses combo as part of his character Humpty Hump back in the 1990s.

The character first featured as part of Shock G’s then-group Digital Underground in their song Doowutchyalike and later became popular with the release of the 1990 track The Humpty Dance.

After the success of the single, Humpty Hump later went on to feature within their 1991 track No Nose Job.

The nose and glasses became heavily associated with Humpty Hump over the years, with many fans wondering the backstory to the accessory.

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Why did Shock G wear the nose?

Some sites have claimed the story behind the nose was fictional – according to it, Shock G donned the nose after suffering facial scarring due to a made-up accident.

However, in an interview with Fat Cap Magazine in 2010, the rapper said the idea for the nose came about while shopping for props for the Doowutchyalike music video.

He explained: “It wasn’t until the day we shot the video and we were picking up party supplies that the whole idea for Humpty’s nose came about.”

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Shock G continued: “This store in Berkley had some bargain bin noses that were 99 cents each. One was a sharp nose, one was a pig nose and the others were some odd, brown Groucho Marx noses.

“I put it on and it was just so f***ing hilarious to me. That was the birth of Humpy Hump.”

The musician has also admitted his brother Kent Racker had previously dressed as him while performing so that he could come out as Humpty Hump.

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RIP Shock G: Fans pay tribute

After the news of his passing broke on 22 April, fans took to social media to pay their respects.

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