Who was Susan Menard? Age, political career, and family explored

Ella Kipling September 22, 2022
Who was Susan Menard? Age, political career, and family explored

Former Woonsocket, Rhode Island mayor, Susan Menard, has been identified as one of two bodies found in her home.

The police were called to the house after worried neighbors said there was an “odor” coming from the property and had not seen the couple living in the house for about a week.

Menard served as mayor for seven terms and broke the glass ceiling as the first woman to be elected as well as being the first female City Council president.

She was a mother and grandmother, and a long-time resident of the Woonsocket area.

Susan Menard identified as one of two bodies found

Susan Menard, former Woonsocket mayor, has been identified as one of two people found dead inside her Woonsocket home earlier this week.

The two people were discovered in the house by police on Monday, PEOPLE reported after concerned neighbors could not get ahold of them.

Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas Oates said that there were “no outwards signs of any foul play or any type of a struggle,” according to NBC News.

The cause of death for both people is still being investigated, the state Medical Examiners’ office said.

How old was Menard?

Menard was 74 years old at the time of her death. Although the identity of the second person has not been confirmed, they have been described as a man in his 70s.

The police were called to Menard’s property after a neighbor called them at 4 pm on Monday to say he had not seen the elderly couple who lived there in about a week. The neighbor also said that a strong odor was coming from the house.

Menard served as mayor for seven terms

Menard served as mayor of Woonsocket from 1995-2009. She was the city’s longest-serving mayor.

Current Woonsocket mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt told The Providence Journal that while she “had her own style,” the people of Woonsocket “certainly liked and enjoyed her leadership.”

Menard was a Democrat and was first elected to the School Committee in 1981. She later served 10 years on the City Council, including taking on the role of president.

“She was and is the longest-serving mayor in the city’s history,” Baldelli-Hunt said.

“A dedicated and proud mother and grandmother”

Menard has a son who lives out of state, according to Baldelli-Hunt.

In April 2009, Menard’s daughter died unexpectedly in her Newton, Massachusetts home. She was just 31 years old at the time and was married with two young sons, ages two and four.

After leaving office in 2009, Menard remained living in her longtime family home.

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