Who was Marva Hicks in Star Trek? Rewatch late actress's role as T'Pel

Amber Peake September 19, 2022
Who was Marva Hicks in Star Trek? Rewatch late actress's role as T'Pel
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Following the news of late actress and singer Marva Hicks’ passing, some fans are curious to know who she portrayed in the Star Trek franchise.

Hicks, who was a broadway veteran and had performed duets alongside Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, died last Friday (September 16).

While Hicks was known on-stage in both Broadway and singing, she also landed several on-screen credits throughout her more than a four-decade-long career on well-known titles, including Sister, Sister, Babylon 5, and Star Trek Voyager.

As her passing is mourned across social media, others have wondered about Marva Hicks’ role in Star Trek. We take a look at her role and how fans can rewatch her feature in her honor.

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Who did Marva Hicks play in Star Trek?

Trekkie’s may remember Marva Hicks for her role as T’Pel, who was the wife of Starfleet officer Tuvok. 

The Vulcan couple, who were married in 2304, welcomed four children together, a daughter and three sons.

According to Memory Alpha, a fan-made encyclopedia for all things Star Trek, Hicks was not the only star to take on the role. 

The site claims that in one episode, the role of T’Pel was portrayed by another actress named Kimber Lee Renay, whose feature was uncredited. However, the uncredited role still appears on Hicks’ IMDb page.

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When did Hicks feature in Star Trek? 

Hicks’ character of T’Pel is featured in a few episodes throughout the Star Trek: Voyager series. 

The Voyager aired for seven seasons from 1995 to 2001 over two decades on remains a fave among many Trekkies.

As per her IMDb, the late actress made her debut in the franchise within the second season of Voyager in episode eight, Persistence Of Vision.

She made her second and final appearance in the seventh series of the show, in the seventh episode, Body And Soul.

Where to rewatch the late actress’s Star Trek episodes as T’Pel

For those curious to rewatch Marva Hicks’ Star Trek episodes in her honor, the Voyager series is available to stream online.

All seven seasons of the show are currently available to stream via Netflix. Alternatively, if you are a Paramount Plus subscriber, you can also find both the second season and the seventh on the platform.

Elsewhere for those who do not have accounts with either Netflix or Paramount Plus, you can also buy episodes or seasons on Amazon

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