Who owns Marilyn Monroe's dress allegedly damaged at 2022 Met Gala?

Rachael Grealish June 14, 2022
Who owns Marilyn Monroe's dress allegedly damaged at 2022 Met Gala?
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The 2022 Met Gala had so many amazing looks, but none caused quite the stir as Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe’s actual dress.

Kim showed up at the prestigious event wearing the actual dress worn by the Hollywood bombshell when she famously sang “Happy birthday Mr President” to JFK in 1962.

However, Newsweek reports damage occurred to the dress during the Met Gala and posted images that allegedly show the dress before and after Kim wore it.

Marilyn Monroe dress allegedly damaged

In the first image, entitled ‘pre-Met Gala’, the back of the dress appears to be in immaculate condition 60 years after the star first wore the glamorous item.

It is alleged the second image is of the same dress after Kim K wore it, with the zip seemingly stretched and some crystals missing.

Videos emerged after the Met Gala – for which Kim confirmed she lost a staggering 16lb in just three weeks so the dress fitted – showing Kim struggling to squeeze into the dress ten days before the event.

Some fans have taken to Twitter to accuse Kim of damaging the dress. However, any damage – real or imagined – has yet to be confirmed.

Kim only wore the dress for minutes on the event’s red carpet before changing into a replica – so damage accusations may be wide of the mark.

Who owns the Marilyn Monroe dress?

One thing that’s got people wondering is who actually owns the dress today? Marilyn passed away from a barbiturates overdose the same year she wore the dress.

The dress was sketched by Bob Mackie and finished by eminent French-born designer Jean Louis for Marilyn to wear in May 1962. The nude-coloured, floor-length gown has an open back and thousands of tiny, glistening rhinestones and crystals hand-sewn on the marquisette fabric.

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Actress Marilyn Monroe sings “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden, for his upcoming 45th birthday.

Marilyn wore it with nothing underneath and was sewn into it on the evening, Vintage News reports.

It’s reported the actress paid $1,440 for the dress, which is currently owned by Ripley Entertainment. The parent company of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not purchased the dress in 2016 for an eye-watering $4.3 million at an auction, Art News reports.

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