Who is Wayne Lineker? And what’s all this we’re hearing about an Instagram list of demands from a future girlfriend? If the surname Lineker rings a bell for you, that’s because Wayne is the younger brother of sports pundit and the face of Walkers, Gary Lineker.

And now, Wayne Lineker is he making his own headlines, for making this Instagram post yesterday.

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This post is purely tongue in cheek banter..🧡 So, my family have decided I need a girlfriend for my own sanity and health…so here’s my criteria 😅 Ok – Let’s start this off like I’m normal: Strong nice loving personality ✅ Now to more important things: You must like older men but only me…You have to be a worldie and above 30 (Ok 28 29 could work) but not my age as that would just look weird 🤷‍♂️ you must like to travel and to fly business class and stay in incredible hotels. Be prepared to give up your career or job or at least be able to work from a laptop on a tropical beach somewhere. You will need to spend the summer in ibiza and the winter in Dubai with 2 weeks in Uk for Christmas and new year with the families and holidays to the Maldives…No baggage as mine are all grown up. A dog is acceptable but will need a passport. You must be able to cook as I love cooking, especially Waitrose ready made meals. You also don’t need to be verified I can sort that for you.. house music and R&B lovers only. No heavy rock or pop music. You must like Netflix especially money heist and also real crime. No chick flicks watch them with your mates. You need to be confident enough to be able to go to the front of the queue in nightclubs and accept a table and free drinks from the owners. You will need a driving license to share a Bentley and a Lamborghini Jeep (pending) ..you must never have shared a teeth whitening post!! I’m not on any dating sites you shouldn’t be too. I’m Not on only fans so you shouldn’t be too . You must love the gym, health food and have body definition as I will have soon. Accept and love my children and grandchildren and realise no more kids for me.. (never say never though) you must be able to let my PA @davehodges10 book all yours and our flights and purchase items online for you. You just need to send a link to him ..You must be able to accept my friends even @tonytrumanibiza as I will accept yours … accept I have to reply to girls DMs not just guys… One last thing. Your geography needs to be on point as girls that think Lincoln is in Wales is not good. Be intelligent but not boring. Outgoing suits 😂🙈🧡#wifeywhereyouat #justbanter

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Admittedly, the post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Let’s find out more about the man behind the banter

Who is Gary Lineker?

Aspiring footballer

Lineker was destined to be a footballer, according to his father. He was a junior player in Leicester and his skills juxtaposed Gary’s “poor footwork”. However, it is said he gave it all up because he couldn’t handle being teetotal. Alcohol plays a part in Wayne’s business life…

Nightlife mogul

Wayne is a big deal on the nightlife scene. He first became involved with nightclubs in 1988, creating sports bars under the Lineker’s name. He owns Ibiza’s renowned Ocean Beach club. These ventures have gained him a reported wealth of £30 million.


In 2006, Wayne was jailed for two and a half years for fraud. Between 1999 and 2001 he was involved in an operation to smuggle Spanish currency into Britain worth £220,000 and avoid taxes of £90,000.

Auditors at NatWest discovered the operation. Wayne pleaded guilty.

The dating game

Dating has become a lot harder in the covid era. Wayne seems to agree as he has turned to extreme measures to find a potential match.


On 6 August, Wayne was called “gross” after posting a video of him picking a young date from a line-up. The girls had to wear skimpy orange bikinis and those who were rejected were pushed into a swimming pool. His “dream doll” – his words not mine – was revealed to be Love Island star Katie Salmon.

Hot water again

Wayne is in hot water again – but luckily no-one was pushed into a pool this time. He posted an advert on Instagram with his wish list for his next girlfriend. They have to be younger than him and be able to cook.

They also have to give up their careers to be with him and come with no baggage. He doesn’t specify what he means by baggage, but we’re guessing it’s not luggage.

He said being with anyone his age “would look weird”, while his new lover would have to accept and love his children and grandchildren.

Some of Lineker’s followers were outraged by the lengthy list of demands. One simply wrote: “Worst thing I have ever read.”

Wayne has definitely forged a name for himself, but is still largely associated with his brother. Perhaps the stunts he pulls are because he wants to be seen as an individual?

Here’s hoping he realises he doesn’t need to be notorious to find love.

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