Fans are wondering who Tyron Woodley’s wife is and are looking at his personal life ahead of his fight with Jake Paul.

Who is Tyron Woodley’s wife, Averi?

Averi Woodley was born in St Louis, Missouri. There isn’t much information available on her life at time of writing but here’s what we were able to find.

Tyron and Averi met in high school, although they didn’t get together until later in life. The couple have reportedly split, although neither have confirmed this.

However, on her Instagram bio, she states “Wellness Coach/Mentor/ Trainer/Mom/The Best Ex-Wife… Win together lose apart”, which means this could be the case.

Averi is thought to be in her 30s and currently lives in her home town, St Louis. Although she is no longer thought to be Tyron Woodley’s wife, this is where she raises their children – Dylan, Darron, Gabby and Tyron Woodley Jr.

She works as a fitness trainer and is “co-owner of the ATT Evolution“. Her job title is personal coach.

Tyron Woodley personal life revealed

Tyron Lakent Woodley was born on 17 April 1982 in Ferguson, Missouri. In addition to his four children, he comes from a big family and is the 11th of 13 children raised by his mother, Deborah.

He attended University of Missouri where he joined their programme for wrestling. He graduated with a degree in agricultural economics but not before nabbing the title of All-American during his time there… twice.

Fans can follow Tyron on his official Instagram account, where he posts images of his family from time to time. There are no recent images of Averi as she is no longer thought to be Tyron Woodley’s wife.

Tyron Woodley’s record

Woodley’s MMA (mixed martial arts) record starts in 2009 where he first won against Steve Schneider in a TKO match at Headhunter Productions: The Patriot Act 1.

In total, his MMA record is 27 matches with 19 wins, 7 losses and 1 draw. The draw was to Stephen Thompson at UFC 205.

His NCAA record shows two losses and three wins in the 2005 wrestling championships; three losses and three wins at the 2003 wrestling championships and finally two losses and three wins at the 2002 wrestling championships.

On 29 August 2021, Woodley is set to fight Jake Paul in his first professional boxing match. The event is expected to be screened on Showtime Boxing.

Please note: As stated earlier, Tyron and Averi’s relationship status is highlighted on her social media, where she says she is not Tyron Woodley’s wife. However, there have been no known reports of their divorce. He is also not known to be dating anyone else.