Who is Michael Blackson’s girlfriend, Miss Rada? Actor and fiancée engaged on-air

shaniawilson July 22, 2021
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Actor Michael Blackson popped that big Q to his girlfriend, Miss Rada, live on-air during a Breakfast Club interview. The pair first met in 2019.

It looks like the Ghanaian comedian is about to be a married man.

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Who is Michael Blackson?

48-year-old Michael Blackson is a Ghanaian comedian and actor, most prominent for his work on Next Friday, The Savages and Meet The Blacks.

Now stamped as the ‘African King of Comedy’, Blackson reportedly made the move to the US in 1987 before going on to perform in small, low-key comedy gigs.

Michael also has a little bit of a reputation for being pretty notorious for having ‘side things’. In fact, when the comedian proposed, Miss Rada exclaimed, “Bye, side b**ches!”

Blackson then replied: “90% of the side b**ches bye bye!”

Comedian proposes to Miss Rada

In an unexpected move, Michael Blackson made Breakfast Club history as he took to one knee to propose to Miss Rada.

Miss Rada is an Instagram model boasting more than 200k followers. Although, according to this source, Blackson’s fiancée is also a real estate agent and dabbles in management consultations.  

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Inside the actor’s relationship

Reportedly, the two met in 2019. This was later confirmed via Michael’s Instagram caption: “Back in the city we met 2.5 yrs ago. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

It seems as though Blackson is in it for the long haul too. Talking to The Breakfast Club, the actor said: “I really feel Rada is the one. She did meet my mother. She went to Africa to meet my mother.”

Following the surprise engagement, Miss Rada took to Instagram, penning the caption: “I had no idea this was going to happen. I thought he was going to ask me about side beeches, @breakfastclubam are my witnesses. I ate my vegetables for the day and said yes to karats.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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