Who is Luke Cave? Nick Cave’s son just 10 days younger than late brother Jethro

Shania Wilson May 10, 2022
Who is Luke Cave? Nick Cave’s son just 10 days younger than late brother Jethro

Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave released a statement earlier this week announcing his son, Jethro, had passed away.

“With much sadness, I can confirm that my son, Jethro, has passed away,” Cave shared.

The singer has previously been candid about his relationship with Jethro, admitting his first son didn’t meet him until he was seven or eight years old.

Jethro was just ten days older than half-brother Luke Cave, who grew up with Nick in the UK.

Amid news of Jethro’s passing, here’s everything we know about Luke Cave.

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Nick Cave’s second child born ten days after Jethro

Just ten days after the arrival of Jethro, singer Nick Cave welcomed his second child, Luke Cave.

Jethro was born to mother Beau Lazenby in 1991, while Luke was born to Cave’s first wife Viviane Carneiro.

As reported by The Sun, Luke was born in Brazil but later moved to the UK with his father. Jethro, however, grew up in Australia and didn’t meet his father until he was seven or eight years old. “It was a difficult time, but it turned out great in the end,” Nick shared in 2008. “To my eternal regret, I didn’t make much contact with Jethro in the early years, but I now have a great relationship with him.”

Altogether, Cave welcomed four sons, but two have sadly died. Jethro passed in May 2022 and Arthur, who was 15, died after falling from a cliff near Brighton in 2015.

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Where is Luke Cave now?

Now 31 years old, Luke Cave followed in his father’s footsteps and inherited his musical talent. As per The Sun, Luke is lead guitarist and vocalist for UK alt-rock four-piece band Cavey.

Talking to Elicit Magazine, Luke once opened up about his music: “The sounds might be vintage but we aren’t trying to recreate anything. The subject matter is real and we’re making something new.

“We always try to track live as much as possible to capture the feel of the band. Our view is the emotion of a recording is in the performance.”

Luke plays alongside Alexander Chalstrey, Chun-Ting “Refa” Wang, and Adrian Ortman.

In 2018, Cavey released the single About To Start.

Jethro passes away aged 31

In May 2022, Nick Cave announced his first son, Jethro, had passed away. The cause of death is currently unknown.

Jethro found his passion in life as a model, and worked with major brands including Balenciaga and Versace.

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