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Who is Lori Anne Allison? Johnny Depp's first wife is thriving as a makeup artist

Shania Wilson May 23, 2022
Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Defamation Trial Continues
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Long before Johnny Depp tied the knot with Amber Heard, the actor was married to his first wife Lori Anne Allison.

Allison met Depp when he was pursuing music as a teen alongside longtime friend Bruce Witkin. The Hollywood star formed a band, The Kids, but eventually, put his music career on hold to focus on acting and settle down with girlfriend Lori.

The couple wed in 1983 but, just two years later, the pair called it quits and finalised their divorce.

So, who is Lori Anne Allison and where is she almost four decades from splitting with Depp? Here’s what you need to know.

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Photo by Cliff Owen/Consolidated News Pictures/Getty Images

Johnny Depp met first wife as a teenager

As reported by Rolling Stone, Johnny Depp joined the band The Kids when he was a 17-year-old high-school student in Miramar, Florida. 

The Hollywood star’s longtime friend Bruce Witkin, who recently testified in the Depp-Heard case, was Depp’s bandmate during the run of The Kids, later going on to work professionally with Johnny when he joined the supergroup Hollywood Vampires.

The Kids were relatively successful and served as an opening act for huge names including Talking Heads, The Pretenders and Ramones.

During his time with the band, Depp met Lori Anne Allison, who was the sister of The Kids’ bassist.

Just a few years after initially meeting, Depp and Allison tied the knot in 1983 in a small ceremony in South Florida when the actor was just 20 years old. Lori was 25 years old.

Unfortunately, the marriage wouldn’t last and the couple called it quits just two years after saying I do.

After the divorce, Depp went on to date the likes of Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, and Vanessa Paradis.

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Who is Lori Anne Allison?

Depp’s first wife Lori Anne Allison, 64, is now a successful makeup artist, credited with major projects including 1995’s Cyber Bandits and 1993’s Secret Lies.

Initially, Allison moved to Los Angeles to become a recording engineer but, following encouragement from famous friends Adam Ant and Christina Applegate, she decided to pursue makeup.

As reported by Sportskeeda, Allison’s MUA career partially helped kickstart Johnny Depp’s Hollywood success. Reportedly, Lori introduced Johnny to Nicholas Cage when working in makeup. Cage then helped Depp score a role in the Nightmare on Elm Street and the rest is, well, history.

Outside of her successful career, Allison reportedly ran a small confectionery business called D’Cups and, in 2015, she launched her own cosmetic line called Serendipity Lip Glosses. Allison can be found posting on Instagram which includes plenty of pictures of cute dogs and her random encounters.

Johnny Depp’s first wife has not testified

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation due to an op-ed she published in the Washington Post in 2018. He has asked for $50 million in damages. Heard is countersuing Depp and has asked for $100 million in damages and immunity against his claims.

Amber Heard has alleged being assaulted by the actor multiple times. Depp has denied ever assaulting her.

Lori Anne Allison has not testified in court, but former brother-in-law Bruce Witkin recently took to the witness stand.

However, the makeup artist has previously addressed the accusations against Depp. In 2016, TMZ published an article revealing that Allison called the actor a “soft person” who is even kind to animals.

Lori also said that Johnny never got physical with her during their relationship, and the two remained friends following their split.

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