Who is Kyle Beach's girlfriend, Bianca Guglielmotti?

Joshua Rogers October 28, 2021
Who is Kyle Beach's girlfriend, Bianca Guglielmotti?
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The former Chicago Blackhawks player has recently come forward as ‘John Doe’ in the landmark allegations against the NHL team and former coach Brad Aldrich. Given the seriousness of the story, people want to know more about Kyle Beach and his girlfriend Bianca Guglielmotti.

Who is Kyle Beach?

Kyle Beach is a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He currently plays for Black Dragons Erfurt in Germany.

The Chicago Blackhawks selected Kyle in the 2008 NHL Draft (11th overall).

Beach recently came forward as ‘John Doe’, the former Chicago Blackhawks player who filed a lawsuit against the team for mishandling his sexual assault allegations.

Man in the Arena: Tom Brady | Official Trailer | ESPN

Man in the Arena: Tom Brady | Official Trailer | ESPN

The filing claims the Blackhawks ignored and covered up his disclosure of then-video coach Brad Aldrich’s alleged sexual assault of him in 2010.

Given the magnitude of the story, people are curious about Kyle Beach’s personal life.

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Who is Kyle Beach’s girlfriend?

Kyle Beach’s girlfriend is Bianca Guglielmotti.

The couple have been together for several years.

They started dating when Kyle moved to Germany to play ice hockey.

Kyle and his girlfriend are not married but could be engaged.

However, this has not been confirmed.

Bianca Guglielmotti is from Erfurt, Germany, and is reportedly a nurse.

It is thought that the couple split their time between Germany and Canada.

Bianca Guglielmotti on social media

Bianca Guglielmotti is on Instagram @bianca.guglielmotti.

However, Bianca’s account is set to private.

Her bio reads: ‘Let’s find a place where we become alive + free, creating laugh lines along the way…Doing life w @kbeach19‘.

She has 343 followers and has made over 1400 posts.

Kyle Beach is more visible on Instagram, and has uploaded several photos of the couple together.

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