Who is Kelly Fisher? Dodi Al Fayed's ex-girlfriend was a Calvin Klein model

Eve Edwards August 14, 2022
Who is Kelly Fisher? Dodi Al Fayed's ex-girlfriend was a Calvin Klein model
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The Princess is the latest film to explore the life and death of Diana, Princess of Wales, told through archive footage to create a bold new vision of the late royal.

The documentary, directed by Academy Award nominee Ed Perkins, premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and has now released on HBO, just days before the 25th anniversary of Lady Di’s death.

Told solely through contemporaneous archival audio and video footage, The Princess plays out as if you were watching the events unfurl in real time. Through use of news coverage and interviews from the time, the documentary is watched as if you were taken back to the 1980s and 90s.

One of the lesser talked-about players in Diana’s later life was Kelly Fisher, former fiancée of Dodi Al Fayed. So, with the documentary launching, let’s take a look back over the relationship between Fisher and Al Fayed before the tragedy in 1997.

The Princess | Official Trailer | HBO

The Princess | Official Trailer | HBO

Who is Kelly Fisher?

Kelly Fisher is an American model known for her relationship with Dodi Al Fayed, who went on to have a relationship with one of the world’s most famous women in 1997.

Fisher was, as per The Sun’s report, 30 years old in 1997, meaning she would have been born around 1967. This would make Kelly Fisher about 55 years old in 2022.

The Express reports Kelly Fisher modelled for Calvin Klein. It is unclear whether Fisher continued to model after her relationship with Dodi Al Fayed came to an end. Fisher began to make money from telling her story. The Irish Times reported in 1997 that Kelly Fisher sold her story to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation for about £200,000.

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8/14/97 Los Angeles, CA. Kelly Fisher, former fiancee of Dodi Al Fayed at press conference announcing her lawsuit.

Kelly’s relationship with Dodi Al Fayed

Kelly Fisher was in a relationship with Dodi Al Fayed, son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, for around a year before he started dating Diana Spencer. Fisher says the couple were engaged, which she brought to public knowledge through a lawsuit. A flashy engagement ring made an appearance at press conferences.

Vanity Fair reports Dodi Al Fayed had bought her a mansion in Malibu, where they would live after their marriage. Kelly Fisher claimed she had chosen August 9, 1997 as a tentative wedding date but, just two days before, Dodi Al Fayed announced he was leaving her for Princess Diana.

The Fayeds, however, denied Dodi was ever engaged to Kelly Fisher. Dodi Al Fayed’s ex-wife, Suzanne Gregard, also poked holes in Fisher’s story. After Fayed’s death, Gregard told the Irish Times: “Kelly told me, ‘I’ve broken up with him, I’ve had enough.'”

Dodi and Diana get together

Mohamed Al Fayed orchestrated his son Dodi getting together with Princess Diana. Kelly Fisher and Dodi were in Paris together when Mohamed organised for his son to take a trip on a yacht with Diana in July 1997. Fisher remained in Paris while Dodi went off to meet Diana, but days later she was whisked away to St Tropez to stay on another of the Fayed family’s yachts.

A picture of Dodi and Diana, infamously known as “The Kiss”, was papped on August 10, 1997. This first romantically linked the pair in the public eye. Kelly Fisher was in St Tropez at the time the kiss picture was taken and, on August 14, Fisher announced her plans to sue Dodi Al Fayed for “breach of contract.”

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Gloria Allred represented Kelly Fisher in lawsuit

Kelly Fisher was represented by iconic American attorney Gloria Allred in her lawsuit against Dodi Al Fayed.

Kelly Fisher withdrew her breach-of-contract lawsuit after Dodi and Diana were killed in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel.

Gloria Allred said when announcing they were withdrawing the lawsuit: “Kelly suffered greatly because of the break-up with Mr Fayed. She was engaged to him, and they had planned to marry on August 9, 1997. Kelly loved Dodi very much, and she is devastated by his loss, and that of Princess Diana.

“Nothing is more important than the life of a human being. In the light of this enormous tragedy, Kelly forgives Dodi for all of his past injustices against her.”

The Princess premiered on August 13 at 8pm ET on HBO. It is now available to stream on HBO Max, Deadline confirms.

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