Who is Keith Koffler? His article for NBC News has gone viral for suggesting that, although Biden is winning at the polls, the American public could still see a repeat of the 2016 election. As the question of bias arises, we take a look at who Koffler is and why he believes that Trump might yet emerge victorious.

Who is Keith Koffler? What is his political party?

Keith Koffler is a senior editor at US conservative news site, The Washington Examiner. He has been a White House reporter for more than 20 years and has a following of 12.9k on Twitter, with which he regularly shares his writings and insights.

Koffler is known for being pro-Trump and having authored two political books – The Obama Scandals: The 22 Worst Outrages of the Obama Administration and Bannon: Always The Rebel.

The Amazon bio for Koffler’s book about president Obama reads: “Don’t believe the spin. Barack Obama was a machine politician from Chicago, not a post-political saint sent to deliver us from politics as usual, and his administration was riddled with scandals.”

Keith Koffler also regularly writes opinion pieces for NBC, Politico and Reuters.

Koffler’s NBC News article

In his now-viral NBC News article, Koffler writes that although Biden is currently ahead in the polls, a Trump win can still happen – in fact, it’s probably inevitable.

Koffler freely acknowledges that “Trump’s personality provokes stormy oceans of antipathy” – perhaps most crucially among women and suburban voters.

However, he states that “Biden and his campaign are making mistakes that will ensure little of this matters. And the polls are almost certainly wrong again.”

Some of the mistakes Koffler mentions include not campaigning enough, not connecting face-to-face with the public because of the covid-19 pandemic, and his potentially problematic comments about the oil industry. The increase in the economy, Koffler states, will be working in Trump’s favour – that this “will feed directly into Trump’s argument that he is best positioned to save the economy.”

Koffler’s article also mentions that Democrats are more likely to be using mail-in ballots, which allegedly have a higher rate of rejection because of mistakes made when filling them out or filing them.

Twitter reacts to Koffler’s NBC News hot-take

The NBC News opinion piece has Twitter users divided. For many, it plays into very real fears that another four years of the Trump administration are inevitable. Meanwhile, for others it proves Trumps authority over the media, and for some it is the product of mere delusion.

Whatever your political leanings it seems that no one can predict who will win the election, even though Biden appears to be ahead in the polls. Many Democrats fear a repeat of 2016 and everyone is on edge as the election reaches its final stages.

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