Who is Jordan Roemmele? Adrian Grenier's new wife sports cowgirl chic

Bruno Cooke June 24, 2022
Who is Jordan Roemmele? Adrian Grenier's new wife sports cowgirl chic
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Entourage star Adrian Grenier and his girlfriend Jordan Roemmele recently eloped to Morocco and married in the desert, People reports.

“We embraced the serendipity of the moment and made the decision to tie the knot”, he told the outlet. “Literally – we didn’t have rings so used string for rings.”

They wore white; friends and family tossed petals into the air. 

But who is Jordan Roemmele, besides being the newlywed wife of Adrian Grenier? What does she do, and how old is she?

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How long have Jordan Roemmele and Adrian Grenier been in a relationship?

Jordan and Adrian have a “long history”, Grenier told People in an exclusive interview yesterday.

They’ve been together since 2017, despite keeping a low profile. 

She featured in one of his social media posts in December 2020, though it doesn’t actually name her. He mentioned her again in June 2021, during an interview with City Lifestyle in which he explained that he had recently relocated to a farm in Austin.

“When I decided I wanted to settle in Texas, I knew I wanted a partner to live that experience with me,” he told the magazine. “That’s where Jordan comes in.” 

“We have a long history, and I said, ‘I’m in love, and if you are too, I want to build something together.’ Thankfully, she was interested.”

Source: Instagram [jordanroemmele]

Who is Jordan Roemmele? Age and career of Adrian Grenier’s new wife

Jordan Roemmele’s age, as of 2022, appears to be 28 or 29. She shared a post to her Instagram followers in January 2020 that suggests she was born in 1993. She lives in Austin, Texas.

Adrian Grenier, meanwhile, is 45 – he was born 1976 – meaning the age difference between him and his wife is 16 or 17 years.

In the interview with City Lifestyle linked above, from June 2021, Adrian talks about how he and Jordan wish to open a wildlife sanctuary together.

“We’ll have llamas or alpacas,” he says, “maybe some goats.” They’ll be “our living mowers,” he continues, and “create manure for nutrients for the farm, compost”. 

“We’d love to create food to eat, to give to our neighbours, and to sell.”

The Control Room | Trailer | BBC

The Control Room | Trailer | BBC

Roemmele’s Instagram bio also makes reference to their future wildlife sanctuary

Her most recent post features a llama, and the caption, “Home is where the llamas are”. Among the hashtags is “#dream”. 

They’ve made progress since June of last year. By November they had chickens and a duck, and had strung bull skulls along the wall of their barn in order to deter curious hawks, raccoons and possums.

She’s a “steward” of the land, she writes, which means “living with the seasons”. 

“Winter is the natural time to go inward collecting back the energy we’ve sent externally; our bodies need respite and restoration.”

Source: Instagram [jordanroemmele]

Where was the wedding and who attended?

Adrian Grenier and Jordan Roemmele “eloped in the Atlas Mountains while on vacation with friends in Morocco”, he told People yesterday.

“It wasn’t planned. We embraced the serendipity of the moment and made the decision to tie the knot – literally, we didn’t have rings so used string for rings.”

Grenier wore a lace, V-neck gown – you might call it cowgirl chic, in fitting with her dream of opening a wildlife sanctuary – and carried a bouquet of red roses.

“We were with a group of incredible friends,” Grenier shared with the outlet, “all of whom immediately rallied behind us and embraced the spontaneity of the moment.” 

“They put in so much love and effort to create a wedding from thin air. … We couldn’t have planned a better wedding if we tried!”

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