Who is Dylan Mulvaney? Age and career of trans TikToker and actor

Bruno Cooke October 25, 2022
Who is Dylan Mulvaney? Age and career of trans TikToker and actor
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President Biden spoke with trans actor and TikTok content creator Dylan Mulvaney at a forum for NowThis News at the White House on Monday.

Mulvaney began her professional acting career in 2015. She’s also appeared on episodes of several podcasts, including Ulta’s biweekly The Beauty Of podcast, and Linda Bailey Walsh’s Hatedate.

During their conversation, Joe Biden voiced his support for gender-affirming health care.

Other topics of discussion during NowThis News’ Presidential Forum include gun legislation, abortion access and the climate crisis.

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How old is Dylan Mulvaney? Age and career so far of trans TikToker and actor

Born December 29, 1996, Dylan Mulvaney’s age is 25 at time of writing. 

She will turn 26 at the end of the year. On her 24th birthday, Mulvaney shared the news that she had begun to self-identify as non-binary – with they/them/their pronouns.

On her 23rd, she posted to her Instagram followers that she was grateful for, among other things, King Harvest’s track Dancing In The Moonlight.

Since March 13, 2022, Dylan has been documenting her transition, meaning she’s currently just over 32 weeks into identifying as a woman. 

When did she start acting?

Per her IMDB profile, Mulvaney has a total of four screen acting credits to her name. 

The first of these is from 2015. She played Mac in an episode of TV comedy Awkwardness. Later that year, she appeared in The Honest Show, credited as Curtis.

In 2019, she played Dylan in a TV short called Love Not Likes, and two years later she played a makeover diva in Alaska Thunderf***’s music video for song XOXO&2K. 

In recent years, however, she’s gained recognition more as a TikTok content creator than as an actor. Her videos have so far amassed nearly 270m likes on the platform; she has 8.4m followers.

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Dylan Mulvaney speaks to Joe Biden at White House for NowThis News forum

“Mr President,” Mulvaney opened, “this is my 221st day of publicly transitioning.” 

“God love you,” Biden responded. Find the full, six-and-a-half minute interview on YouTube via the NowThis News channel here.

Biden said, among other things, that he doesn’t think any state should have the right to ban gender-affirming healthcare.

Mulvaney is based in Los Angeles, and flew back form Washington DC to her hometown after her White House interview to update her TikTok followers about “all the good things” that are going on in her life – including receiving a cookie from the president. 

The Big Brunch | Official Trailer | HBO Max

The Big Brunch | Official Trailer | HBO Max

What do we know about her family life?

Dylan Mulvaney and her father James were the subjects of a CBS News feature in July 2020.

James, a “San Diego dad,” reportedly gave up alcohol when Dylan was a baby, in order to be a better father to his child.

He started baking instead, and bakes – or at least did at the time – 500 cookies per week. “He’s addicted to making cookies,” Dylan told the outlet. “Yes, you heard that right. He makes 500 of them a week.”

And he’s been giving out free cookies around San Diego for more than two decades. CBS writes that he is “quite the local celebrity.” Watch the video below.

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