Who is Abby Roberts? All about the TikTok beauty guru

Kate Fowler September 14, 2020
Who is Abby Roberts? All about the TikTok beauty guru

TikTok beauty guru Abby Roberts is taking over the online make-up community with her growing influence, but exactly who is Abby Roberts? Here’s everything we know about the 19-year-old making waves online now.

Who is Abby Roberts?

Known for her intricate special effect make-up looks and pop culture make-up cosplay, Abby aka abbyrartistry is a phenomenon on TikTok, with over 12 million followers. Though she also creates Instagram and YouTube content with 2.2 million Instagram followers, TikTok is her true digital studio.

How did she start on social media?

“When I first joined, I didn’t even intend on posting, I just downloaded it because I heard everyone taking the mick out of it so I just wanted to see what it was all about. When I began and saw all the trends on the app, I wanted to give my own spin on it,” Abby told Dazed.

Though Abby has been creating online looks and content since the age of 11, it wasn’t until she was 16 when things really blew up for the make-up artist. None other than James Charles posted one of her looks on his account, before recreating it himself. He shortly after invited Abby to do a takeover on his story, which she said doubled her following to 100k overnight.

Where is Abby Roberts from?

Abby is Leeds-based, which she says surprises her audience, who often confuse her for being American. However, she has plans to move to LA this year to film a YouTube series documenting her life and looks, with entertainment network KYRA.

KYRA recently signed a contract with Abby, as a Gen Z focused group specialising in upcoming online talent (you might recognise it from its hugely popular series PAQ). The company apparently used its famous algorithm to cherry pick Abby as a new sign-up.

Abby Roberts’ age, boyfriend and more

KYRA also works with Abby Roberts’ boyfriend, fellow TikTokker and also face of fashion house Celine, Noen Eubanks (aka notnoen). LA-based Noen and Abby reportedly met when he contacted her to collab while he was in London working.

The 19 year-old make-up guru’s impressive talent clearly runs in the family, as her younger sister, 17 year-old Charlotte, also creates looks online. On her TikTok account charlottelooks, she has 3.3 million followers.

Some of Abby’s most viral looks include one where she turned herself into Tiger King’s Joe Exotic, and one where she turned herself into The Grinch.

Abby says she gains inspiration from pop culture and tries to keep up with upcoming films to stay relevant to her audience.

Abby was also one of the first UK TikTokers to receive the TikTok creator fund this August.

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