Former San Francisco 49ers star Richard Sherman has been arrested in Seattle, according to The Guardian. People want to know more about his wife, who has spoken out to defend him, and his family.

According to the New York Post, a Redmond Police Department spokesperson said Sherman had been arrested by police including a K9 unit after “attempting to break into a family member’s home”.

According to various reports, Sherman is also being investigated for a possible DUI and hit-and-run.

Redmond public information officer James Perry told NBC Sports Bay Area no-one was injured in the incident, adding he didn’t believe Sherman entered the house.

Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss, spoke to The Seattle Times and said the former 49ers star “didn’t harm anybody”.

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Who are Richard Sherman’s kids?

Richard Sherman and wife Ashley Moss have two children together – six-year-old son Rayden Sherman and five-year-old daughter Avery Sherman.

The athlete often shares images of himself with his children, stating they are his inspiration.

Sherman has also spoken about how his son is his harshest critic and often gives him the honest feedback he needs to hear.

Sherman on how fatherhood changed him

Sherman previously said fatherhood grounded him and made him a calmer person.

“I don’t know if I’ve mellowed, but my kids have definitely given me more patience than I had previously,” Sherman told The Los Angeles Times.

“That’s a big change. As a player, it’s just being more understanding of how I can affect situations by my approach or attitude.”

NFL star passionate about helping youngsters

In 2013, Sherman founded the Richard Sherman Family Foundation aimed at helping underprivileged children.

“I see kids as the future,” Sherman said. “Sometimes adults are so stuck in their ways. They are so rigid in their thoughts. Kids are more malleable.”

“I can make the kid’s day by just giving the kid some shoes I wasn’t going to wear any more,” he said. “That’s why you play the game. That part of it is indescribable and immeasurable.”

Sherman was also involved with the 49ers Social Justice Initiative’s player’s council, which seeks to reform the juvenile justice system.

Regarding the arrest Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss, told The Seattle Times: “At this time we’re going to make no statements, except he didn’t harm anybody.

“My kids were not harmed in the incident. He’s a good person and this is not his character. We’re doing all right, just trying to get him out. I want people to know no-one was injured.”

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