Ernie Johnson's children and grandkids revealed after death of son Michael

Joshua Rogers October 30, 2021
Ernie Johnson's children and grandkids revealed after death of son Michael
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On 30 October, the NBA world was saddened to hear that Ernie Johnson’s son Michael had passed away. People were curious about the rest of Ernie Johnson’s kids, and grandchildren, and how they’ve had an impact on his life.

Ernie Johnson’s son Michael passes away

On 30 October, it was announced that Inside the NBA host Ernie Johnson’s son Michael had passed away.

Turner Sports released the following statement on the passing of Ernie Johnson’s son, Michael:

“We are heartbroken over the passing of Cheryl and Ernie’s beloved son, Michael, a true hero who uplifted and brought joy to everyone he touched.

“The family’s love, faith and commitment to one another will forever be an inspiration to us. Our deepest condolences are with Cheryl, Ernie and their family, friends and loved ones as we mourn with them.”

Ernie also shared a small message to Twitter.

Ernie Johnson gives emotional speech to Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban invited Ernie Johnson to speak to his Alabama team recently.

Johnson gave one of the most touching and powerful speeches you’re ever likely to see, with his “Be A Better Human” mantra running throughout.

Johnson recalled the impact his son Michael has had on his life, and called for the Alabama players to be as equally compassionate, emphatic and kind to one another.

“That heart for another runs deep,” Johnson said. “Where you can lock eyes with a teammate and say, ‘I would do anything for you. I would do anything for you.'”

Johnson tells touching story about his son, Michael

During the speech, Ernie Johnson used the story of his son Michael to inspire the Crimson Tide.

Ernie and his wife Cheryl Johnson have two biological children, a son named Eric and a daughter, Maggie.

The couple also have four adopted children – daughter Carmen, adopted from Paraguay, daughters Ashley and Allison adopted in the US through foster care, and son Michael, who was adopted from Romania.

The couple adopted Michael after visiting Romania in 1991 to learn about the country’s crisis of abandoned and orphaned children.

33-year-old Michael had muscular dystrophy that caused severe respiratory issues.

In his autobiography, Unscripted, Ernie writes that some people questioned whether he and wife Cheryl would still have adopted Michael had they known about his health.

To that, he responded: “Nothing could have been further from the truth. In as understanding a tone as I could muster, I would explain we had adopted Michael not with an eye on what he would become, but for who he was – a neglected, forgotten child who deserved another chance.”

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner Sports

Ernie Johnson’s children and grandchildren

Not much is known about Ernie Johnson’s other children, but they have appeared on Inside The NBA before.

During the pandemic last year, virtual player intros became a huge trend in the NBA.

The Inside The NBA crew decided to replicate that trend, and got everyone’s friends and family to introduce them before the Western Conference Finals.

Starting at about 2:00 on the video below, Ernie’s daughter Carmen can be seen, as well as his sons Eric Johnson and Michael.

Ernie also gets a message from his grandchildren, Katie and Amy Pruitt, and Everett and Bennett Johnson.

Check it out:

Over on his Instagram page, Ernie also regularly shares images of himself and his grandkids.

There’s even an appearance from “Uncle Chuck”.

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