Where is George Stephanopoulos on GMA? Viewers miss him on This Week

Filiz Mustafa March 29, 2021

Where is George Stephanopoulos on GMA? Viewers at home are wondering why George Stephanopoulos hasn’t been on This Week and Good Morning America in the last few days.

The absence of news presenters doesn’t go unnoticed by social media users, as many wake up with familiar broadcasters on their favourite morning shows every day.

George Stephanopoulos hasn’t been on his regular spot on Good Morning America today (29 March) and on This Week (Sunday, 28 March) which prompted many people to reach out to him on social media.

So, where has the presenter been?

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George Stephanopoulos is missing from This Week

A number of viewers at home have noticed that George Stephanopoulos was absent from Good Morning America on Monday, 29 March.

George is one of three regular presenters on the ABC morning programme alongside the likes of Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan.

One viewer asked co-host Robin Roberts on Twitter: “Thanks Robin! Love you all, where is George this morning?”

George also hosts This Week, ABC’s Sunday morning news programme. However, the presenter didn’t appear in yesterday’s episode (Sunday, 28 March) which is the reason why so many viewers have been confused and worried.

George Stephanopoulos on GMA, YouTube

Where is George Stephanopoulos on GMA?

As of the time of writing, it’s unconfirmed why the presenter was absent from his regular spot on Good Morning America and This Week.

His bio page is still on ABC and he is listed as the current host of these news programmes. It’s very likely that George has taken annual leave or is away for personal issues.

The network is yet to confirm the whereabouts of the presenter.

Viewers share confusion on Twitter

Since there hasn’t been an explanation about George’s absence, many people took to Twitter to share their confusion.

“Where’s George on ‘This Week’ Sunday morning news?” asked one person. “He’s the only reason we turn on This Week. We hope he’s returning, if not neither will we or lots of our friends who look [forward] to his excellent coverage.”

“Where is George Stephanopoulos I turn on This Week to see him. He always presents a balanced view, ” tweeted another viewer.

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