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What is Foxy Brown’s daughter’s name? Nicki Minaj wanted the same for her son

Shania Wilson April 12, 2022
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Deciding on a baby name isn’t an easy task by any means, and it seems as though Nicki Minaj went through her own struggles when naming her son.

According to the rapper’s latest Instagram post, Minaj had her heart set on one particular baby name, but later found out that Foxy Brown had unknowingly named her daughter the same thing.

“When I asked Foxy what she named her daughter I damn near fell TF out,” Nicki joked, explaining the story to fans.

Out of respect, Minaj went in a different direction when naming her son, but what was he almost called? We reveal Foxy Brown’s daughter’s name.

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Nicki Minaj opens up about baby names

Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown’s children were almost twinning, name-wise!

In an Instagram post, Minaj explained how Foxy Brown had unknowingly ‘taken’ the baby name that she’d always kept in the back of her mind.

“Fun Fact (I know no one will believe this) When I was around 12/13 I met someone with a name I loved & for the rest of my life I would say when I had a child that’s what I’d name them. Whether it was a boy or a girl,” Nicki shared.

“Even tho I added new options to my list as the years went by, when I asked Foxy what she named her daughter I damn near fell TF out.

“That name I was claiming since I was in junior high school is what my idol named her 1st child. Without us EVER in life discussing it.

“Out of respect, I didn’t name my son that. (I had a diff option I loved for a girl name by that time so that name would’ve only been my boy option) but it’s just so weird when you have a connection with ppl in life & these odd things just seem to happen that you can never explain.”

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What is Foxy Brown’s daughter’s name?

Foxy Brown’s daughter’s name, and also the almost-name of Minaj’s son, is C’Yani (Baby C).

As Nicki stated, she didn’t end up using the name C’Yani for her son out of respect for her close friend Foxy.

If you didn’t know, Minaj credits 90s rapper Brown as somewhat of an influence in terms of her career, and the two have been long-time friends, also collaborating on track Coco Chanel in 2018.

In fact, Foxy and Nicki are so close, the pair even call themselves the aunties of each other’s children.

When Brown gave birth to C’Yani, Minaj wrote: “My Queen FOXY had her PRINCESS & she’s GORGEOUS!!!

“Aunty Nicki got you for LIFE!!! @foxybrown love you boo. Great phone call. Can’t wait for what’s to come.”

Nicki Minaj has not publicly revealed her son’s name

We know that Nicki didn’t name her son C’Yani, but the rapper has never actually publicly stated her son’s real name.

On social media, Minaj refers to her son as ‘Papa Bear’ but, as per The Sun, fans have come to the conclusion that it’s merely a nickname.

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