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What is a branding tattoo? The technique behind Pete Davidson's 'Kim' body mod

Amber Peake March 17, 2022
What is a branding tattoo? The technique behind Pete Davidson's 'Kim' body mod
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While appearing on Ellen this week Kim Kardashian revealed her new beau Pete Davidson has her name branded, but what exactly is branding?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson went Instagram official over the weekend however, Pete appears to have confirmed their relationship with a more permanent method through body modification.

Following Kim’s admission, fans are curious to know what branding is. Let’s take a look…

The Kardashians | Official Trailer | Hulu

The Kardashians | Official Trailer | Hulu
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Kim Kardashian reveals Pete has branding of her name

On Wednesday (16 March), Kim Kardashian joined Ellen as she opened up on her relationship with boyfriend Pete Davidson. Earlier this week, a leaked selfie of Pete made the rounds online, with some fans noticing he had Kim’s name written on his chest.

Ellen asked Kim about the possible inking of her name to which the reality star revealed it was not a tattoo and was it actually a branding. Explaining Pete’s reasoning behind it, Kim said: “He wanted to do something that was really different.”

She later added: “I just think he was like I want something that is there. He’s in the process of getting rid of his arm tatts and neck tatts, and so he’s like, I don’t want to be able to get rid of it or to cover it up, and I just wanted it like there as a scar on me.”

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What is a branding tattoo?

Branding is a form of body modification that essentially burns a design into the skin, which after healing, turns into a scar. As explained by Love To Know, the heated design element causes third-degree burns and nerve death in the area branded.

There are a few different methods by which branding is practised. The most common methods are striking, which involves the bending of metal to a particular shape and cautery, which uses a heated tool.

While tattoos are able to be removed via laser treatments, branding is a more permanent form of body modification.

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Pete’s Kim branding is not his only tribute to her

While discussing Pete’s branding of her name with Ellen, Kim also revealed he also has a few tattoos in honour of her. She admitted her favourite was an inking that said “my girl is a lawyer.”

Fans have since reacted to Pete’s inkings and branding across social media as some think the gesture is sweet:

While others think the tattoos may be too soon within their relationship:

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