What happened to Robert Frank 615? The YouTube comedian has been documenting his long stay in hospital, which has many fans concerned.

Robert Frank 615 talks hospital stay

On 15 March 2021, Robert Frank took to Twitter to share that he had been in hospital.

In the tweet, Frank mentioned that he had been in hospital since 10 March. He tweeted: “Been in the hospital for 5 days. I’ve had a lot of alone time to reflect on my life. What I’ve done, and what I’ve yet to do.”

On 5 April 2021, Robert Frank tweeted that he was still in hospital. Frank wrote: “I’ve been in the hospital for 24 days (and counting)”

What happened to Robert Frank 615?

In Robert Frank’s podcast, Glorious House of Gainz, they address the fact that Frank is in hospital. He hosts the podcast with his “bros,” according to the podcast description.

They addressed the situation in episode 150 called ‘Rob’s Health Update’. This episode was released 19 March 2021, a week into Frank’s hospital stay.

Robert Frank said in episode 150: “I’ve never been so defeated in my f***ing life. What I’m going through right now, there’s people out there that understand what I’m going through, but nothing to the extent that a normal person could ever fathom, that doesn’t have or been diagnosed what I’ve been diagnosed with.”

In the episode, Robert Frank said that he “diagnosed with one of the hospital’s worst cases of severe ulcerative colitis.” It was later diagnosed as pancolitis, which means the large intestine and bowel.

There are two causes of pancolitis: bacteria or autoimmune disease. Unfortunately, Robert Frank has an autoimmune disease which has caused this pancolitis. The hospital has prescribed him steroids to help with the condition.

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