What happened to Renni Rucci's mother as Love & HipHop star mourns?

Ella Kipling September 20, 2022
What happened to Renni Rucci's mother as Love & HipHop star mourns?

Renni Rucci has shared with fans her thoughts and emotions about her mother’s death following the latest episode of Love & HipHop, which she found difficult to watch.

The episode dealt with the death of Renni’s mother, Jacqueline, who has appeared on the show before.

Renni and her mother have argued on the show, and Renni explained that they haven’t always had the best relationship. However, she stated that she wanted her mother to be here, and is struggling greatly with her loss.

Renni Rucci reflects on mother’s death

Following last night’s episode of Love & HipHop, Renni took to Twitter to share her thoughts. She explained that watching the episode “was so hard” as she misses her mother.

Renni wrote: “It’s hard because I feel like I’m just now starting to grieve my mom fr and watching this is like living through all that again. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be “ok”.”

Renni’s mother died in December 2021, and the rapper announced the tragic news to fans on Instagram. Renni shared a slideshow of pictures and videos of her mother and wrote, in part:

“I know the lives of others do not belong to us. I know we all are born to die. I know no one lives forever. I know there are much better journeys awaiting us once we are done with this flesh… but I STILL thought you were mine to have forever, I never thought there would be a time you weren’t here, and I still don’t understand what that means.”

What happened to Renni’s mother?

Renni’s mother died following time in the hospital and a series of operations due to an illness.

In the latest episode, Renni said: “After a month in the hospital, too many surgeries to count, today my mom took her last breath, and that’s kinda something we were preparing for.”

“I’m happy that me and my mom got to patch our relationship up and say the things we needed to say to each other and actually spend our last couple months together just loving one another and being nice to one another,” she said.

Her mother died on December 17th, 2021. Renni had previously spoken about her mother’s surgeries earlier on in the episode.

Renni speaks about her daughter’s strength

Renni spoke about her daughter’s relationship with her mother in a video, shared by 9MagTV on YouTube from Renni’s social media. She explained that her daughter was her mother’s only granddaughter, which meant that they had “a different type of bond.”

She recounted a particularly hard day after coming home from being with her mom at the hospital. Renni came home and cried, and her daughter came into the room and held her.

“That just showed me how strong my daughter was. She didn’t cry, not one time, she just held me,” Renni said.

She continued: “For my 11-year-old to tell me it’s okay to not be okay, and she’s holding me and comforting me, that just showed me how much strength she has. I just have some really amazing, strong kids.”

Fans offer condolences to Renni

As Renni mourned her mom online, tributes and condolences began pouring in.

One fan tweeted: “Praying for you my love @RenniRucci I’m so sorry to hear about your mom.”

Another posted: “@RenniRucci after losing my mom two weeks ago I definitely understand your pain with losing your mom this is a wound and pain no one will understand unless they go through it.”

“My mom passed years ago and it still hurts. YOU will see in time the pain is still there but you learn how to deal with it. Love never dies. Praying for you,” someone else wrote.

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