What happened to Peach, Julien and Jenna Marbles' Italian Greyhound?

Amber Peake December 2, 2022
What happened to Peach, Julien and Jenna Marbles' Italian Greyhound?
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YouTuber Julien Solomita has shared an update on his beloved dog Peach after she suffered a health scare, with worried fans now curious to know what happened.

Late last month, Julien informed fans on Instagram that Peach’s health had taken a turn as he detailed she was experiencing problems with her spine.

This week, the YouTuber addressed the concerns of fans as he opened up on how Peach is doing and reflected on her sudden decline in health over the past few weeks.

Julien Solomita opens up on what happened to Peach amid health scare

On Tuesday (November 29), in a Twitch stream, Julien explained late last month, Peach suffered a decline in health amid a mass that was pressing on her spine.

In a moment that has since been uploaded to Julien’s second YouTube channel, he said he noticed Peach’s health take a turn the day after his most recent stream, Saturday, November 19. While she had been ok that morning, later that evening, she worsened and was unable to stand or put weight on her back legs. 

Julien added that the same day, she was taken to receive a medical assessment, including an MRI but was sent home before having further testing the following week.

It was initially thought that Peach was suffering from a was a disc issue in her spine however, after further testing, a definitive cause was not found.

Explorative surgery was offered to try and better understand what was wrong, to which Julien agreed to as he said he wanted to “give her every chance.” 

Peach went into surgery the night before Thanksgiving, where it was found that she had a mass that was adjacent to her spinal cord, which was successfully removed.

YouTuber shares update on how Peach is doing post-op

In the same Twitch stream, Julien also opened up on how Peach was doing post-surgery and her recovery journey moving forward.

He explained that she was now home, having been discharged at the start of this week, and was seen by his side in a crate.

The YouTuber went on to add that Peach has a “very long road to recovery” ahead of her as he explained she is currently without control of the lower half of her body.

As such, she is on crate rest, which she is expected to continue for a minimum of six weeks. Julien continued that as well as resting, as part of her recovery, Peach also has to do physical therapy twice a day.

Peach celebrated her 8th birthday in June

Over the years, Peach has become a beloved dog to fans of Julien and his fiancé Jenna Marbles, as she has featured across both of their channels. 

The now eight-year-old Italien grayhound was the third addition to the couple’s dog brood, with the pair welcoming her into their lives in 2014.

At the time, Julien introduced her in a vlog-style video as he documented the trip of traveling to pick her up. 

In the caption of Jenna’s video welcoming Peach to her channel, she explained Julien set his hopes on getting an Italien grayhound specifically after “falling in love with Kermit,” who is the same breed.

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