What happened to Owen Wilson's nose? How did it get broken?

Max Seeley June 9, 2021
What happened to Owen Wilson's nose? How did it get broken?


What happened to Owen Wilson’s nose? Was it broken? The beloved actor just debuted on screens with Marvel’s Loki series and the origins of his crookedly shaped nose are once again on fans’ minds

Owen Wilson s currently on people’s radar after his role in the Amazon original movie Bliss, where he starred alongside Salma Hayek.

Marvel fans are also excited for his portrayal of the classic comic book character Mr. Mobius M. Mobius in the Marvel series Loki, whose first episode just aired last night on Disney Plus.

Since 2017, Wilson has kept fairly low profile, only appearing as a voice over for his Disney character Lightening McQueen and some small TV roles.

However, it looks like 2021 is a big year for the 51 year old with his role in Loki and the release of the highly anticipated Wes Anderson film, The French Dispatch.

Wilson will star among a huge array of stars, including Timothée Chalamet, Benicio Del Toro, Edward Norton, Christoph Waltz and Bill Murray, to name a few.

What happened to Owen Wilson’s nose?

With his foray back into the limelight, questions about what happened to Owen Wilson nose are resurfacing. Some fans think it looks broken, while others call it “iconic”.

A picture that Wilson posted on his Twitter, shows that the Hollywood star’s nose hasn’t always been as recognisable.

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While Wilson is renowned for keeping quiet on what happened to his nose, it’s been reported that it took two separate incidents to forge the Texan’s distinguished look.

It is generally believed that Wilson first broke his nose in a fight at St. Mark’s high school and then again during his school days after a collision on the football field.

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Speaking about his nose, Owen Wilson once said: “You know, probably my nose wouldn’t have been that great even if it hadn’t been broken.”

Fans can watch Owen Wilson, and his nose, in the first episode of Loki this June on Disney +.

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