What happened to Mitt Romney’s right arm? Concerned supporters took to Twitter to share their worries after watching the senator’s speech in Congress, in which he condemned the Capitol building siege that took place yesterday, 6 January.

What happened to Mitt Romney’s right arm?

Yesterday, 6 January, Senator Mitt Romney gave a speech in front of Congress and the Electoral College condemning the siege on the Capitol building and its perpetrators.

While most were focussed on the message of his speech, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Senator Romney’s right arm seemed oddly immobile. Quickly, concern spread across Twitter, with supporters wondering what had happened to Romney’s right arm, and some even suggesting this could be a stroke symptom.

So far, Senator Romney has not addressed any of these comments and they remain purely in the realm of speculation.

Twittersphere voices concern for Sen. Mitt Romney’s health

Some viewers expressed their concern, first and foremost:

Meanwhile, some found the whole thing funny:

And others are simply curious:

Romney has not addressed any of these rumours. However, the last image he posted on Instagram is just a few weeks old and shows him using his right arm just fine to eat with, so hopefully nothing’s wrong.

Another photo he posted two weeks ago shows him thanking healthcare workers after getting the Covid-19 vaccine:

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