What happened to Lexi Orlove? Graphic Instagram post worries fans

Amber Peake May 20, 2021
What happened to Lexi Orlove? Graphic Instagram post worries fans

What happened to Lexi Orlove? Social media star Lexi Orlove worried fans on social media today, Thursday 20 May, after she shared a graphic Instagram post with photos of an injury she sustained after allegedly being assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.

Since the photo was posted, fans have been trying to find out more about the young influencer – what happened to her, how old is Lexi Orlov and who is the ex-boyfriend in the story? So far, she’s stayed quiet on the identity of her attacker.

Who is Lexi Orlove?

Lexi Orlove, real name Alexa, is known to many online as the younger sister of fellow internet celebrity Cody Orlove.

She has since amassed a large following on her own social media and has 486,000 followers on Instagram and 2.2 million on TikTok.

Orlove also has a YouTube channel, called Lexi Orlove where she posts vlog-style content although the internet star hasn’t posted on the platform in over a year.

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How old is Lexi?

Lexi Orlove was born 27 July 2002, which means she is 18 years old. Orlove previously spoke of her age while appearing on the Famous Birthdays YouTube channel as she guessed the age of other internet stars.

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What happened to Lexi Orlove? Instagram post explained

In a post to her Instagram today Thursday 20 May, Orlove shared some graphic photos of face injuries she sustained during an alleged attack from her ex-boyfriend. Warning: these photos may be disturbing to view.

In the Instagram post’s caption, Orlove says the incident happened over the weekend, on Sunday 16 May when her ex-boyfriend, whom she does not name, visited her apartment to get his belongings after their break up.

She apparently felt something was off about the encounter, so was on guard. When the unnamed man began attacking her, she was able to briefly defend herself using pepper spray, but then sustained the violent injuries she details in the Instragram post: a broken nose and cheekbone and a punctured jaw.

Luckily, Orlove continues in the same post, she managed to reach the police before her attacker allegedly grabbed her phone and destroyed it, so Lexi’s ordeal soon came to an end. She goes on to add that her attacker has been arrested since the alleged incident.

At the end of the post, Orlove shared a message to her fans, writing: “I want you guys to know that I will stay strong, and learn from this experience and if you guys are going through anything even close to this situation to get out. I love all of you guys with my whole heart and will never wish this upon anyone.”

In response, many worried fans and fellow influencers took to the comments to share their well-wishes with Orlove.

Along with the messages of support, Lexi’s brother, Cody wrote: “You didn’t deserve any of this Lexi, I’m so sorry. Please know that you will get through this trauma, but it will take time. You’re a survivor, and I love you. Feel better slothy.”

Orlove replied: “Love u with all my heart brother thank you for always being here for me no matter what.”

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