What happened to Lapattra Jacobs? NBA YoungBoy’s babymama was recently involved in an alleged stabbing incident with Yaya (Iyanna) Mayweather – daughter of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. How is Lapattra now and what happened to Yaya’s case in the meantime?

What happened between Lapattra Jacobs and Mayweather?

Police were called out to rapper NBA Youngboy’s home on 4 April. Yaya had visited Youngboy, her boyfriend, only to find YoungBoy’s babymama and ex-girlfriend, Lapattra in the home.

Mayweather allegedly asked Lapattra to leave a number of times before things became heated. Yaya has been accused of stabbing Lapattra, 25, twice in the arms, alleging self-defence after Lapattra pulled her hair. Yaya was arrested by police at 1.30am.

Emergency workers were reported to have found Lapattra on the floor bleeding when they entered the property. Gossip site The Shade Room showed one of Lapattra’s Instagram posts, in which she claims she could have been “dead and gone” the night of the incident.

Lapattra talks about the experience and subsequent surgery on her YouTube channel and claims she has lost 90% of the nerves in her left arm.

Has Yaya Mayweather been charged with anything?

Yaya has been charged with aggravated assault but claims self-defence and has been released from jail after bail was set at $30,000. The state of Texas has said it will pursue the case in court and Yaya is being represented by lawyer Kurt Schaffer. Since the incident happened, Yaya has shown off her own baby bump, with rumours the child is Youngboy’s.

Cheatsheet stated: “Although (Yaya) Mayweather’s case has heavy penalties, it’s unlikely her punishment will be that severe since she does not have a criminal history. Her track record will also play a role in how legal proceedings play out.”

People found guilty of aggravated assault can face between two and 20 years in prison or pay $10,000 in compensation.

Lapattra has been relatively silent regarding the matter, only updating followers with regards to her injury and recovery. She has also allegedly issued a restraining order against Yaya.

Criminal defence attorney Temani Adams told Hollywood Life: “If Lapattra tells the prosecutors that all she wants is to have her medical bills paid, or that she does not want to come to court to testify, Iyanna will definitely walk away from this with no jail time.”

The pandemic may mean Yaya’s sentencing is delayed and a date for the trial has yet to be set.

Whatever happens, both women are apparently carrying Youngboy’s children.

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