What happened to Jalek Swoll’s dad? We explore the Motocross racer’s family life.

Swoll, 19, is competing at the Daytona Supercross this year. The series runs from 16 Jan to 1 May 2021.

Who is Jalek Swoll?

Jalek Swoll is a 19-year-old professional racer from Belleview, Florida. He was born on 16 April 2000.

Swoll has been competing since 13 October 2018 when he debuted at the Monster Energy Cup in the All-Stars class.

He turned AMA Pro in 2019.

Jalek Swoll: Parents

In an article from 2015, we get a picture of Jalek Swoll’s family life. It tells us that Jalek’s parents are called Bryan and Tammy.

Tammy said of Jalek Swoll’s racing talents: “His father, Bryan, rode and he immediately took to it.”

“His father and I are so proud of him, wow, where do we begin,” Tammy continued.

Jalek often posts about his mother on Instagram but never mentions his father Bryan. For 2019 Mother’s Day, Jalek Swoll posted on Instagram: “Was always a daddy’s boy but without a doubt my work ethic, and mental toughness came from you, and to you I owe it all.”

What happened to Jalek Swoll’s dad?

After Jalek Swoll’s appearance at Daytona on 6 March 2021, fans had questions about his father.

However, neither Jalek nor Tammy have spoken on his dad’s absence.

Fans have theorised that Jalek Swoll’s dad Bryan was arrested back in 2015, thanks to a government statement. It is unconfirmed whether this James Bryan Swoll who was sentenced to 10-years is Bryan Swoll, Jalek’s dad.

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