What happened to GoodTimesWithScar? The YouTuber recently posted a video of his new “life changing” wheelchair, and viewers are curious how he became disabled.

On his Twitter, GoodTimesWithScar (real name Ryan) describes himself as a “Disabled Content Creator” and a “Disability activist in gaming and Hermitcrafter”.

Who is Ryan, aka GoodTimesWithScar?

GoodTimesWithScar’s YouTube channel has amassed nearly 1.5 million subscribers and the content mainly revolves around building tutorials for landscapes on the Hermitcraft series, which is part of Minecraft.

The majority of Scar’s YouTube videos feature his commentary over game play.

In his latest video, however, Scar shows off his “life changing” experience with his new “not a wheelchair”.

For some viewers this may have been the first time seeing that Ryan is in fact disabled and requires the use of a wheelchair and oxygen.

What happened to GoodTimesWithScar?

In 2001, Ryan aka GoodTimesWithScar was diagnosed with an unknown neuromuscular disease that has left his muscles severely weakened and his breathing reliant on an oxygen tank.

In a Q and A video from 2018, Scar recounted what happened in 2007, when he was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties and had to have a trach tube installed through his neck in order to breathe.

Scar went through rehabilitation at a clinic a few months later and was able to wean himself off ventilation before he could he breathe on his own again.

Before his neuromuscular disease, Scar was a state level swimmer in his home state of Washington and an avid photographer.

On March 3 Ryan showed off the gift that he received from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, prompting longtime viewers to wonder what happened to GoodTimesWithScar in the first place.

He described the gift as an “all-electric off-road wheelchair that can travel on rough backcountry trails and drive up to 12MPH on paved roads.”

In a heartwarming moment Scar told his viewers that this was the first time that he’s been able to go into his back yard for almost 15 years.

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