What happened to Dj Kay Slay? Fans pray for hip hop veteran

Darcy Rafter January 6, 2022
What happened to Dj Kay Slay? Fans pray for hip hop veteran

Omicron cases are on the rise and the pandemic seems to be enforcing more restrictions as variants multiply. It appears as though hip-hop veteran DJ Kay Slay is a victim of the virus and currently fighting covid in the hospital where he has been for two weeks.

According to an Instagram post yesterday, 5 January, by Wack 100, Kay Slay is seriously ill with covid-19 and has been put on a ventilator. In the caption, Wack 100 claims “it’s not looking good” for Slay and he needs all the support he can get, prompting fans to show their support.

The music manager shared a photo of the 55-year-old and suggested Slay could be losing his battle with the virus, which has taken the lives of more than 5.47 million people worldwide. Fans are praying for The Drama King to get better soon.

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What happened to Dj Kay Slay?

DJ Kay Slay has reportedly contracted coronavirus and is fighting for his life on a ventilator in hospital.

DJ Kay Slay’s last Instagram post was only a day ago but it may be his team taking care of his social media accounts while he is in hospital. This is suggested as, at the end of the post, the caption reads: “Keep the positive energy up for my brother Slay for a speedy recovery.” The Instagram post was promoting Slay’s new music video for In My Soul, and the comments below are full of get well soon wishes for the hip-hop legend.

Hip-hop producer Van Silk told HipHopDX he had been urging Slay to get vaccinated and was worried about the 55-year-old’s health. He wrote “To my brother Kay Slay: I’ve known you since you were 15 years old. We done a lot together – from me helping you with Straight Stuntin magazine as the first editor to how the many DJs we put on during the mixtape era, and now working on the ‘Rolling Deep 200’ project. Brother, I love you and you gotta get well. You know how I was on your back about getting vaccinated.”  

Who is Dj Kay Slay?

DJ Kay Slay’s real name is Keith Grayson and he is one of the prominent figures in hip-hop culture. Slay is from East River Projects in East Harlem, New York.

The New York legend was dubbed “hip-hop’s one-man ministry of insults” by The New York Times and has a prolific career in the rap game. Many fans know him as the voice of late nights on hot 97 and the mixtape legend of the early 1980s. DJ Kay Slay was also a graffiti artist and writer who went by the name of Dez and featured with then partner Trap in hip-hop’s cult classic Style Wars, which debuted in 1983.

Fans pray for hip hop veteran

Wack 100 asked the hip-hop community to extend their support for DJ Kay Slay and fans of the star have sent out prayers and messages on social media.

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