Nostalgia for the Seven Super Girls YouTube collaboration is sweeping Twitter. But none of the videos are available to watch online now. What happened to Seven Super Girls?

What was Seven Super Girls?

Seven Super Girls (or SevenSuperGirls) were a group of seven girls, aged 11 to 18, who produced skit videos for YouTube between 2008 and 2018.

The outlet was part of the SevenAwesomeKids umbrella channel. It had an array of sister channels, including SevenEpicDancers, SevenFuntasticGirls and SevenCoolTweens.

Altogether, the Seven Super Girls channel received almost 10 million subscribers and over five and a half billion video views.

Nostalgia for Seven Super Girls

Recently, the channel’s Fandom page has picked up some comments from nostalgic fans. One user describes Seven Super Girls as “my childhood show”, while another says they “were so great back then”.

The nostalgia has spread to Twitter, too. One Twitter user writes, “life was better when all we did was watch seven super girls on youtube.”

What happened to Seven Super Girls?

The channel first passed 1 million subs in 2014, and quickly accrued millions more. 

Ian Rylett, who owned the channels, paid each of the content contributors a monthly salary in exchange for filming videos he directed. 

However, the Girls posted their final video on 14 August 2018. What happened?

What did Ian Rylett do?

In August 2018, Ian Rylett was arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse. 

Later, in exchange for pleading guilty to child abuse, he received a 90 day jail sentence in Orange County Jail in Florida.

In response, YouTube demonetised Rylett’s channels. They were later terminated outright, on 12 March, 2019.

Several YouTube channels – notably Orange9098 – subsequently re-uploaded videos from the Seven Awesome Kids channels.

Where are Seven Super Girls now?

what happened to seven super girls
‘Seven Super Girls meet & greet at Disney!’ (2017) [YT Channel: Jones Family Travels]

YouTuber Jazzy Anne, who was on SevenSuperGirls, interviewed the other girls for her channel in April 2020. 

The girls – Emelina, Ashlynn, Ella, Brianna, Jaidyn, Mimi and Ellie – each had a day of the week on which they shot and released their videos.

Now in their late teens and early twenties, they answered such questions as “are you still close with any of the girls?”, “what was your least favourite theme?” and “what was your favourite meet and greet experience?”.

You can watch the video below, and catch up with the channel’s contributors.

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