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What did Fundy do? Twitter tries to 'cancel' YouTuber after Twitch stream

Eve Edwards February 20, 2021
what did fundy do
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What did Fundy do? Twitter tries to ‘cancel’ gaming YouTuber after Twitch stream.

On 19 February 2021, Fundy joined fellow YouTuber Quackity’s latest Twitch stream as they played Jackbox. They were also joined by other big names such as KSI.

But during the livestream, some of Fundy’s jokes did not go down well. In fact, in response to his jokes, some on Twitter called for him to be ‘cancelled’.

So, what did Fundy do on the Twitch livestream which caused all this drama?

What did Fundy do?

During Quackity’s Jackbox stream on 19 February 2021, Fundy allegedly made some insensitive jokes which triggered some of their viewers.

The content of the jokes were reported to be heavily sexualised and triggering for survivors of sexual assault. Twitter users shared screenshots of what appear to be Fundy’s jokes. View the screenshots with caution.

One Twitter user captioned the screenshots: “These topics aren’t something to joke about.”

Another wrote: “i love fundy so much but that joke was extremely uncomfortable and kind of triggering :/”

Twitter tries to ‘cancel’ Fundy

As ‘cancelling’ is so prevalent on social media these days, it didn’t take too long before the hashtags ‘#fundyisoverparty’ and ‘#FundyApologize’ were trending on Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote: “All i got to say is Fundy doesn’t deserve to be cancelled… he needs to be educated and he needs to apologize #fundyapologize :(“

KSI reacts to Twitter drama

Fundy posted an apology video on his Twitch profile on 20 February 2021. In the video, Fundy said: ““It was not the right thing to say at all, and I am sorry about it.”

His fellow streamer KSI also spoke of the drama on social media. Some of the Twitter users attempting to ‘cancel’ Fundy had taken it too far and started to bully the YouTuber. KSI offered his support.

On 20 February 2021, KSI tweeted: “@FundyLive here for you if you need it bro.”

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