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No, that's not Weird Al Yankovic's daughter in this viral TikTok vid

Yasmine Leung October 26, 2021
No, that's not Weird Al Yankovic's daughter in this viral TikTok vid
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

A Reddit post sharing a TikTok video has gone viral, where the user has been dubbed as Weird Al Yankovic’s daughter, but it isn’t actually Nina.

TikTok video goes Reddit viral

A TikTok video by a user named Dr. Michael Ann DeVito has garnered attention on Reddit after it got posted on the Cringetopia subreddit – view it here.

DeVito explains while singing “If you’re cis and you won’t date trans folks, you’re a transphobe.”

Dated 1-18, meaning 18 January 2021, the video cannot be found on her official TikTok page; the only clip related to her argument is one posted on 19 January.

The Redditor who shared the video captioned it “weird al’s daughter has something to say”, leaving fans confused about whether the creator is actually his daughter Nina.

Reddit responds to the video

Since Nina keeps a low profile on social media, not many people know what she looks like as an adult.

She has attended some premieres before, but her last recognised outing seems to be for 2019’s Knives Out. Even for birthday tributes, Weird Al only posts throwback photos of her.

It looks like some users are actually convinced that the TikToker is Nina.

One commented, “Don’t involve Weird Al, he’s innocent!”, which others responded with “I don’t think that’s his actual kid” and “I think OP was just pointing out that they look like weird al, not that it’s actually his kid.”

Further down the comments, a Redditor wrote: “She looks so much like her dad. Like goddamn identical.”

They had to be told, “That’s definitely not his daughter”, to which they laughed “OMG I HATE IT HERE Lmao”.

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Who actually is Weird Al’s daughter?

As a celebrity child or even a young person, it’s uncommon for Nina to not have some sort of social media presence.

Clearly, her parents respect her privacy since they don’t tag her in any photos.

We do know that Weird Al, real name Alfred, and Suzanne Krajewski tied the knot on 10 February 2001, after meeting through mutual friend Bill Mumy.

After two years of marriage, the singer and artist welcomed their daughter on 11 February 2003.

Nina is currently in freshman year of college.

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