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Who is Venus Morris Griffin from HONY? Tripp story grips readers

Bruno Cooke March 3, 2022
Who is Venus Morris Griffin from HONY? Tripp story grips readers


The latest story from Brandon Stanton’s Humans Of New York (HONY) project is about author, real estate agent and motivational speaker Venus Morris Griffin, and her former partner Tripp. 

Meet Venus Morris Griffin, from HONY’s latest story

Venus Morris Griffin is a real estate agent, motivational speaker and author. She has seven children and, in 2011, learned that her partner – whom the HONY story in question suggests is Tripp – had received a prison sentence of 45 years.

Her children were between one and 15 years old at the time. 

In 2008, Morris Griffin earned her real estate licence. Since then, per her own website’s bio, she has been a successful realtor in Augusta, Georgia, closing more than “1,500 transactions for over $400 million in sales volume”.

She attributes her successes to “God, hard work and determination”. 

As a motivational speaker, she discusses the adversities she faced as a “stay-at-home mother of six children” (at the time – when her husband received his prison sentence), “left with nothing and drowning in debt”. 

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Source: YouTube [Venus Morris Griffin]

What do we know about Venus Morris Griffin and Tripp’s relationship?

Venus Morris Griffin and Tripp – she refers to him only as Tripp – met at the University of South Carolina. 

In the first parts of her HONY story, Griffin heaps praise on Tripp for, above all, being able to make people feel heard.

“He could pay you attention. He could make you feel like the only person in the world.”

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She also calls him: “The most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on. All-American. Great shape. The cutest little dimple and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen.”

On their first date, Venus Morris Griffin and Tripp went to a golf tournament in Hilton Head, South Carolina. He was the first to tell her he loved her. 

“He was the perfect gentleman. … the greatest person in the world.”

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He chose the ‘biggest Catholic church in town’ for their wedding

In the fourth part of Venus Morris Griffin’s story, she tells the story of her and Tripp’s marriage. They had moved to his home town – Augusta, Georgia, where she works as a real estate agent.

Because of the city’s affluence, they moved into “an abandoned log cabin” that belonged to Tripp’s grandfather. 

“He’d make us steak dinner and we’d eat it in front of the fire. There was something almost feminine about him.”

It was always his dream, Morris Griffin continues: “To have a big wedding. A courthouse would have been fine for me, but he chose the biggest Catholic church in town.”

But she and Tripp have since separated. Venus Morris Griffin’s current husband is called Hank. He’s the president and chief executive of a construction company in Augusta, Georgia.

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