Former Corrie star Tracie Bennett made headlines recently because of a Snapchat post. But what has she been in? And is Tracie Bennett married?

Is Tracie Bennett married?

Tracie Bennett has never married. However, she has frequently struck up on-screen chemistry with co-stars and actor colleagues. Despite this, none of those has developed into a real life relationship.

The star of British television is typically private about her private life. However, she did mention having an American boyfriend in an interview with Official London Theatre, in 2010.

Born in Lancashire, Bennett moved to London as a teenager to attend Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. 

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Tracie Bennett as Sharon Gaskell in Coronation Street

She secured her first major television role as Sharon Gaskell in Coronation Street. She played the part from 1982 to 1984. A decade and a half later, Bennett reprised the role for a single episode – episode 4722 – in 1999.

Sharon Gaskell is the Faircloughs’ foster daughter. The character’s birthday is 22 March 1965 and she has three brothers.

However, as of 2020, Sharon’s whereabouts remain unknown.

As Judy Garland in Broadway’s End of the Rainbow

In February 2010, Tracie Bennett took on the part of Judy Garland in the first London production of Peter Quilter’s play, End of the Rainbow.

Among others, she wowed talkshow host Paul O’Grady, who said he’d “never seen anything like it”.

Bennett received a nomination for an Olivier Award for Best Actress for her performance in the show. Watch O’Grady’s conversation with her below.

Bennett cast in Shirley Valentine

In the film version of Shirley Valentine (1989), Bennett played Shirley’s rebellious daughter, Millandra. 

Rather than an original film, it is an adaptation of a one-character play by Lancashire born dramatist Willy Russell. Among Russell’s other works are the plays Educating Rita and Our Day Out.

Russell adapted the play for the screen himself, while previous collaborator Lewis Gilbert directed.

Alongside Bennett were Joanna Lumley, Alison Steadman and Pauline Collins.

Shirley Valentine shooting locations

The production team shot Shirley Valentine entirely on location. Its locations include: Liverpool, Twickenham, Oxford Circus, Bloomsbury, and St Pancras Station in London.

Parts of the film also take place on the island of Mykonos in Greece.

It won a number of awards, although it also drew some criticisms. Roger Ebert, then writing for the Chicago Sun-Times, described it as “a realistic drama of appalling banality”.

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